Okay, okay – apart from Va’el and Sevi…

I’ve been jabbering on about Sevi and Va’el so much because I expect them to be loads of fun and absolutely explosive – that is, once ten year-old Va’el, bastard son of a bastard son of an emperor, and a tantrum-throwing brat (Va’el, not the emperor), can figure out how to tackle Sevi, an elite soldier of the Khekarian Imperial Armed Forces, a veritable killing machine with high intelligence and a high level of control – but can she cope with Va’el?

Whoops, there I go again – see how much they distract me and draw my attention? I’m talking about them once more.

Okay, okay. As you know I am working on book three of the Khekarian series (The Bastard Line), and you well know by now that Sevi and Va’el will be a fun combination that, hopefully, you are looking forward to reading. But what else is going on in the story? It’s not just about them, right?



Sturn taking control is what the primary story is largely about. Don’t worry, I’m not going to give anything away, I’m not going to spoil it for anyone. Very simply, in book one (The Khekarian Threat), you learn that Sturn is an exiled Khekarian Prince, living it rough on a newly colonized world at the Terran fringe. You find this out very early, what I’ve said here doesn’t spoil the plot.

In book two (The King’s Sacrifice), you find out why Sturn was exiled and why he wants to return to the Empire.

In book three, the Prince gets his wish and then the fun starts (although there was plenty of that in books one and two). The how and the what all happens in book three. Got it? Good.

Meanwhile, I’m also bringing King Ialle forward from book two – keeping him in the loop for reasons that will become apparent. I like this character a lot – a Conqueror with a gentle side and much kindness in him. He is introduced in The Khekarian Threat, but you really meet him in The King’s Sacrifice, where his was the primary tale. In The Bastard Line, his life continues on.

To point out to any newbies coming in, although there is a common storyline running through the series, each book stands alone, the main story of each has a beginning, a middle and a climax – a proper ending. It’s a series, not a serial, very different animals. I like to make that point clear.

So, to summarize for The Bastard Line: The main story is Sturn’s return and his dealing with his enemies. The primary side-story (which will also be concluded) is Va’el and Sevi’s adventure back at the Terran fringe. The secondary side-story covers King Ialle and all that happens on Ensceln, the Chiddran world he now rules.

Doesn’t sound like an awful lot, I know, but I’m known for keeping things fairly well to myself and not giving the plot or details away… Which is probably why I’ve been going on about Sevi and Va’el, at least from a characterization point of view – how they might clash, not anything they actually do, nor why they do it. At this stage, even I don’t know exactly how they will clash or when they do. I’m thinking they will surprise me.

That’s it for the moment. You know? It’s hard to talk about it without actually talking about it (and spoiling it). Must be a skill. 😀

Have a great day/evening, everyone.



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