Oh, What Impeccable Timing – Not!

Hmmmm… I may have an issue here with my proposed 5 day Kindle book giveaway from the 27th to the 31st of December – the calendar on the set-up page won’t allow me to start or stop after the 27th (which came as a surprise to me) Closer inspection shows that the regular 90 day enrollment with the Kindle Library expires on the 26th which is probably the cause of it – The good news is I am already marked for automatic renewal, so come the 26th things should automatically come right and that calendar should open up and allow me to apply the extension.

Sorry to ramble on about the technical side of things (poorly), but as I have already put out in Blogsville my intention for the 5 day giveaway, it’s important to point out a possible hitch concerning it.


Meanwhile, I do have that one day scheduled (date and time set to the USA, the 27th midnight to midnight, Pacific Standard Time) and will hopefully be able to extend it when the renewal takes place. We shall muddle through, as always, one day at a time and all that.

I will, of course, let you know what’s happening as I find out myself, but I expect not to know until the 26th. For what it’s worth, no one else seems to be having a problem, which is why I think all is and will be fine.

Next time, I shall book in the dates before I announce anything.

Have a great day, all.

Cheers!  😀


4 thoughts on “Oh, What Impeccable Timing – Not!

  1. beth

    Everyone be sure to pick this one up.
    It will be the best free book you have ever read.
    Then you will be happy to pay only $5 for the next in the series.
    I would easily be willing to pay double that for the third installment.


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