NYAAAGH! 26 pages cut from my life – That HURT!

At least it feels like my life – That whole character-lack-of-motivation thing got me and I needed to ditch that entire thread and come in with something stronger, more vital and no mistaking anyone’s feelings on the matter.

It worked.

Good, right?


The downside is, due to total lack of equal pacing, the operation has unraveled EVERY connection I had between ALL threads and chapters. Yes, it’s that bad. No, I’m not exaggerating.

The bits are all there, it’s just a bunch of pieces…

You want blow-by-blow description of a writer’s life? Here it is. This is a blow. 8,500 words pulled, but giving a domino effect. I expected one thread gone, leaving two still entwined with a gap running through them – the holes where the third must intertwine. I didn’t expect it to fall apart!

Basically, the shorter, sharper route upset the other time-frames, not just leaving them out of sync between themselves, but at different lengths, too, which is why the whole balance is gone in more ways than one.


It’ll be all right – I just have to start over and thread it together differently, probably rewrite a lot from the other threads – damn! – to get the flow working right. Sheesh! This is not a good time to do this, I should be halfway home by now and I’ve just gone back to Square One. Okay… Square Two.

It’s not Va’el’s fault. It’s not even Sevi doing it. You can blame Sturn for this one.

Yes, yes, it will be much better at the end of it, I just didn’t expect this much destruction…

This is going to make for some busy times ahead – starting right now. I shall keep you up-to-date on how I go. Step-by-step from panic to success. Good plan, right? Let’s hope it works.

That’s it, I’m off. Busy, busy, busy an’ all that.

Hey, does anyone know how to get blood out of a keyboard???




20 thoughts on “NYAAAGH! 26 pages cut from my life – That HURT!

  1. Yuna

    I hope it works well..
    Blood on keyboards? how come?
    i usually clean my keyboard with mineral water (that’s bad according to my colleague :D)

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      Terima kasih, Yuna. 😀

      Not real blood – I was making it up. It “felt” like I had bled when I ripped out the 26 pages and further damaged the entire file. So that sentence popped into my head and I put it into my post.


      1. Yuna

        Ah, i see, hehehehehe.
        I was wrong 😀

        i can imagine it right now, it’s something comical then 😀 😀

        Terimakasih kembali Allyson (yo are welcome, no worries)

        1. Yuna

          Semangat Pagi!! Alyson

          Note: sometimes we mix ‘semangat’ and ‘selamat pagi’ to give an early cheers and greet to colleague, so the result is ‘semangat pagi’ 😀 😀

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      Hi, mate. It’s not the CHOP that hurts – I know that usually works for the best. It’s the destruction of another 130 or so pages that I didn’t expect to go along with it (as clarified in today’s post – the one after this one). I’m going to be one busy writer to make the July deadline now. 😦

      Still probably worth it, though. 🙂

      1. writingsprint

        Oh, I know. Chops are usually followed by surgery. I hope you can salvage something from those pages. Maybe not today, tomorrow, or this year. Good luck!

        1. A.D. Everard Post author

          Usually, for me, the chops are pretty clean with not much in the way of further surgery needed. This one just unbalanced the rest.

          As for when – it’s got to be salvaged, completed, polished – the lot – within six months, it’s due to be published then. :O

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