Not sure if I jumped the hurdles or crashed through them.

Okay, time for a positive update because you’ve all been so patient and you’ve heard enough about the various delays in the creation of book 3 – I know facts and figures aren’t really important, you just want to see the end product or know that it will be out by the promised date, so I’ll keep things tidy and to the point – Yes, it’s all looking promising once again.

Some of the issues surprised me – more on that tomorrow – the important thing is that I managed to see the multiple What that was going on and work my way through all of them.

Having sorted my way clear there, I then turned my attention to the rest of the story and solved the rest of the Who, What, Where and Why.

Just in the sorting process alone, I feel I have jumped ahead about three months. It’s a very nice feeling.

Facts and figures follow – this may not look like much to some, and look an enormous amount to others, I shall have to take my chances on how you see it. 😀


My first marker point (between “done to my satisfaction” and “work still to do from this point on”) had recently been savaged when everything got unbalanced, and again when I had to rethink which thread to open the story with. That marker point had been sitting happily around the page 70 mark, but dropped all the way back to page 1 and the overall page count dropped back to around 130.

With all my efforts, I ended last week with the marker point back in the low 70s and my overall page count at 135. A lot of work went into getting back there, but there was not much to point at or show for it.

Over the weekend, however, the marker point jumped up to page 102 – a 30 page leap – and my overall page count now sits on 153, up by 18 pages, which is a very nice solid advance after all the obstacles and issues and the two-steps-forward-and-one-step-back progress I was making.

The best bit, for me, comes now. The writing done, the problem solving and the page count is great, but sorting out the logistics, detail and reason for the second part of the book now allows for a whole heap of work to get underway.

Without that groundwork, a writer cannot write. I have to know what I am trying to say before I can say it. I knew Where I wanted to be, I knew What (roughly) needed to happen to advance the story, but the rationale for it all had yet to be worked out.

That has now been worked out.

What that means is that instead of scratching my head, I can get on with typing.

It was a wonderful, wonderful long weekend.

Cheers everyone!



28 thoughts on “Not sure if I jumped the hurdles or crashed through them.

  1. Yuna

    Tetap semangat, Allyson. \^o^/
    Like usual, i like how you overcame any trouble. Knowing what it was and then came to your own solid conclusion. 😀
    Nice to know that it was a wonderful weekend.


    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      Ah – “tetap”. You have said “tetap semangat” to me before. I have listed the word, but I don’t have the meaning for tetap.

      Terima kasih for your kind thoughts. 😀 Hugs!

      1. Yuna

        In this phrase i want to say ‘stay cheers’
        literally ‘tetap’ means still :D.

        Semangat Pagi.

        Di sini sedang hujan. (It’s raining).
        Sedang hujan = is raining (‘sedang’ shows something is happening)

        1. A.D. Everard Post author

          Ah – okay. I will see if I can use Sedang (properly). 🙂 Terima kasih also for the meaning of tetap. I have added all to my list (I would be lost without my list). 😀


        2. Yuna


          Saya tersenyum dengan jawabanmu dalam Bahasa Indonesia.

          I’m smiling with your answer in Bahasa Indonesia.

          senyum = smile
          sweet smile = senyum manis
          jawaban = answer
          -mu = your

        3. A.D. Everard Post author

          Ah – you are a mind-reader, Yuna! I was just wondering what “hugs” was in Bahasa.

          Keren! 😀

          Terima kasih “sejuta” juga – Bagaimana say mengatakannya “for” dalam Bahasa Indonesia? – I think that first sentence should maybe read “Terima kasih [for] ‘sejuta’ juga.”

          Does “dalam” mean “in”? 😀

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