The Khekarian Threat and The King’s Sacrifice are fast-paced, meaty and in some places sexually explicit and quite hot. If you like science fiction, enjoy a good plot, want to meet characters up close and personal, like realism, enjoy erotica and sex, don’t mind swearing and some violence – hey, it’s all here!

Since publishing The Khekarian Threat, I have promoted it and The Khekarian Series by giving the first book out for free on Kindle whenever possible. Near on 600 pages of good stuff. Since October 2012, I have given more than 750 copies away.

I have done this for very practical reasons. If you are anything like me, you pause before picking up the work of a new author. You don’t know that their work is any good and it becomes a small financial risk to find out. Likely as not, you’ll put that one back and go for someone you already know, someone trusted. However, a book that looks interesting and is going for free gives you the chance to find out with nothing invested except your time, and hey, you can always put it down if you don’t like it.

Folks? This isn’t a hobby for me. It was never my intention just to write a book for the sake of seeing my name in print, or for the five minutes of fame associated with it. I didn’t start writing so I could be “famous” some day, or start prancing about like a snob. Yes there ARE people like that, I’m simply not one of them. The story is more important to me than my name.


So. The free copies have been given out purely with the objective of getting the first of the series into as many hands as I possibly can. How can anyone find out how good The Khekarian Series is unless they actually look at it? Right. They can’t.

The Khekarian Threat, in effect, has become my advertising. It is my best way of showing readers that I really do have what it takes and can pack together a brilliant fast-paced action-adventure sci-fi story (and don’t let the sci-fi side put you off, it’s very much about people you can care about).

Now that The King’s Sacrifice is out, some people are wondering if I am going to do the same thing, and pop it out for free every now and then.

Well, sorry to disappoint you, but the answer is, no I’m not.

This is my career. Book one as a giveaway might be the investment made to reach a wider audience, but the rest of the series needs to bring in something to keep me at my desk and working. Otherwise the books will run out (a writer has got to eat). That means, don’t wait for The King’s Sacrifice to come around for free. It isn’t going to. What I can promise you, though, is that if you read The Khekarian Threat and liked it, you will not be disappointed with The King’s Sacrifice. USD $4.95 on Kindle – seriously worth it.

Cheers to all,

Allyson 😀

19 thoughts on “NO I’M NOT

  1. Marie

    Just finished The Kings Sacrifice..Great Read!! Well worth your money.. folks..
    Eagerly waiting for the story to continue.

  2. Yuna

    Indeed, we couldn’t take a good book for granted. I’ll ask my friend there to bring the book while they are coming back to Indonesia :D. since I’m a conventional girl, i love to have and read a printed book more. LOL.

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      I’m like that, too. I prefer a paperback. It seems more permanent somehow. Hey, though, I don’t have any in Australia. Amazon has it. I’m sending you an email…

      1. Yuna

        Hi Allyson,
        wow, what a very nice of you. really, how could i say my gratitude toward your generosity?

        Thank you so much. since i have to deal with Amazon, it would be hard.
        honestly i really want to have a kindle, but it would be hard to have one in our country either the kindle and how to buy a book for it.
        i think kindle would be useful at the right time 😀

        Thank you again.

        1. Yuna

          Yess, i hope so.
          My friend and i really have trouble with that kind of banned (actually i don’t if i is banned or what).

          Semangat 😀

        2. A.D. Everard Post author

          No, I don’t know either. It’s the government doing it, apparently, so it sounds like a ban to me.

          At least you have the Internet. 😀

  3. Uzoma

    True talk: “a writer has got to eat.” It’s a great feeling when one’s creative effort in getting a book out is rewarded by a wide readership and big sales.

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      Hi Uzoma,

      Well, the readership is happening with the free giveaway, the big sales will follow. I know I’ve got an excellent series, and each book will speak for itself. It takes time, that’s all. 🙂 Being a writer has built-in frustration, it seems. You have to wait years before you get anywhere, and when you finally do, you have to wait some more!

      Cheers, mate, I’m looking forward to seeing some of your work in book form.


  4. Uzoma

    That’s my dream–to see my work in print someday. I can’t say when, but I am hopeful it will happen.
    Frustration is one of the demons on board a writer’s wagon. For someone like me, the result at its peak leaves me in a terrible state.

    You’ve your works out there. Very good works. That’s what is most important.

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      Uzoma, for me this only happened ten months ago, and only because I did for myself. As I said, the industry is ailing. Right up until the time I went for it, I didn’t know when either.

      You will get there because you’ve got what it takes, not just in talent, but also in your dedication to make each piece you write shine to the best of your ability. You care about quality. That’s a big thing. You won’t let something go out there unless it’s just right and you can be proud to put your name to it. I know you have lots of projects going, and I know you’ve got a book underway, which takes a lot of time. My final re-write of The Khekarian Threat took a full fifteen months, done full-time after I had retired from the work I was doing before.

      Yes, frustration is most definitely a constant demon. Not minor, either, but real agony at times and always there. No one warns a writer about that, and I’ve never yet met a writer that didn’t feel it.

      All I can say to you is something you already know. Keep going. It will pay off in the end, even if you have to do it yourself, as I did. The important thing is to finish the book you want to see in print, then you have something whole to work on and polish up – then go for it when you feel it’s right.

      Cheers to you, mate. You inspire me, too. 🙂

      1. Uzoma

        Awwwww, that’s SO sweet of you to say. How did you know I like to read and also present quality stuffs on my blog? My o my! I can say the same about you. A good writer must strive for quality.

        Your reply is like receiving a message from the future; one of hope and assurance. I will definitely let you know about my book when it is ready. Perhaps, if you have the chance by then, I’d like you to be beta-reader before its publication.

        Until then, I cling so dearly to this: “The important thing is to finish the book you want to see in print, then you have something whole to work on and polish up – then go for it when you feel it’s right.”

        1. A.D. Everard Post author

          Hi Uzoma,

          How do I know you like to present quality? I see it in everything you write. Some writers only care about the exciting bits that they themselves are interested in, and the rest just doesn’t matter to them – and it shows. You put your full attention into every scene, common every day scenes as well as adventurous ones.

          Perhaps it’s because I’m so into the nuts and bolts of my own work that I can so clearly see the effort and dedication to quality in yours (same as a painter knows what technique another painter has used and is interested in that). More likely, it’s because we are so alike and, if you don’t mind my saying, I can see myself in you.

          I would be most honoured to beta-read your book when it is ready. It certainly helps to have fresh eyes test the story. I do the same thing. Even when you know you’ve got something good, it’s brings peace of mind to know it sits well with someone who hasn’t seen it before.

          By the way, if you haven’t already seen it, I outlined some aspects of the talent I see, and the how and why I went it alone – which might be of interest – in the next article along, “The Writer in the Cage“. I talk about the frustrations and the importance of these years of waiting (seen in hindsight, for me), although you are probably fully aware of these things.

          Cheers to you! 🙂

  5. Uzoma

    Thank you so much, Allyson, for the kind remark and for accepting to read my book prior to its publication. I’m going into the link in your comment after this 🙂

    Cheers to you…

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      You’re welcome, Uzoma. I look forward to reading your book. I like your writing style and it has all the potential to become very powerful – which is somewhat rare, I have found.

      Cheers, mate. 😀


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