New Beginning. What, AGAIN?! Yep.

I finally got fed up trying to work out which thread should lead off – moving them around unsettled the balance of the first chapter and, to some extent, the subsequent ones – so I wrote up a brand new one.

So now that’s settled.

The weird thing is, it’s surprisingly close to my very first idea which got ripped out in the 26 page-strip-out that unbalanced everything in the first place! Grrrr!


Admittedly, the first version didn’t work so well and this time around I shifted the point of view to a different character. It helped. Anyhoo, never mind. I’m just letting you know I’m alive and well and mostly typing and moving forward. My first marker point (the place set for anything new happening) is back in the 70s, page-wise.

Yes, I know it doesn’t sound like I’m going forward at all, but I am, I am!

And now it’s back to tippy-tap, tippy-tap or I’ll be locked in my office all next week with only the occasional pizza slid under the door to keep me going.

I hope your weekend is going well. Mine is actually going great.




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