New addition – Bloodstone Shop!

Not everyone wants to buy books through Amazon and not everyone can get Kindle, so I’ve worked a solution for you – A PDF version of each book in my sci-fi series to date can be bought for the same price as Kindle (USD $9.95), direct from this blog, payable through PayPal.

A PDF is a digital copy that I send out via email attachment when I receive notification of your order from PayPal. So, if you order that way, please be sure to give PayPal your real email address (so they give it to me).

Paperback copies can also be purchased direct from the printer, CreateSpace. These cost the same as Amazon, not counting Amazon specials, although I actually make more out of it, so that’s a favorite with me 😀  (hey guys, I’ve got to eat and pay my bills, too).


I played around with the idea of selling signed paperbacks direct from here, but I don’t think that’s going to work so well. Not only do I have to purchase the books myself (I do not get them free) and ship them in from America, the postage from this end (Australia) is currently exorbitant (a $20 book weighing 850 grams costs $30 dollars to send overseas) and I can’t see anyone eager to pay $50 per book, so we’ll shelve that idea for the time being.

Bloodstone Sci-Fi shop is accessible from the top menu, right next to the HOME page, and also from the right margin – click on the twin pictures.

The Shop is part of this blog and will not take you anywhere else, but the payment method will take you through to PayPal and, for CreateSpace paperbacks, you will need to follow the links to CreateSpace.

It might be worth mentioning that at the PayPal side of things, the “cancel and return to” line contains my email address, but the link will return you here to Bloodstone Sci-Fi.

The point of all this is to give everyone more options than just Amazon and Kindle.

That’s it folks. Have a great day.




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