MURDER JUST A DIVERSION – from the Khekarian Threat, out now on Amazon.

“Gail was a diversion. That’s all.

Gail. Aleisha felt fresh anguish, just knowing her name.

“They’re going to find out. The authorities. Right here.”

“Here?” Sturn gave a snort of derision. “In this insignificant segmented Terran Sector? Do you think any of your authorities would go up against Khekarian might? Do you think I care about your puny Terran laws? Your justice? This planet is a joke. Your whole colonizing strand is a joke. That’s all it is, a string, a mere tendril. Where is its strength? Where’s its power? You believe in the spirit of the law, but back it with what? Thin air? There is none to touch me, Aleisha. Not here, not ever.”


Sturn is too powerful to be stopped and he knows it. Excerpt from the Khekarian Threat, Book One in the Khekarian series.

First 4 chapters of The Khekarian Threat free to read. Links in margin.

Cheers! 😀


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