Multi-planetary Playground – Kind of an Accident

It started off with one planet and a bunch of little people – by little people I mean ordinary people way down at the basic level of things, the small cogs in the giant wheel that makes up a pioneering society – explorers and adventurers bumping into people without laws.

I stuck a couple of Empires into the background to give various civilizations depth and my villain more power. And BAM! Suddenly I had a multitude of planets to play with.

Every layer of civilization was there somewhere, from the borderline habitations (the rough areas of the galaxy) where penal colonies are situated, through an assortment of planets and places at different stages of settlement, all the way up to fully fledged Kingdoms and Imperial Cores – Rulers and palaces, wars and slavery, the wealthy, the poor and the ordinary living their lives.


There are places I haven’t even thought of yet. Towns and planets, and Arms and Arcs of the galaxy yet to be explored.

I didn’t know it would evolve like this. I started off with one story!

The backgrounds, the plots, the multitude of characters and the wonderful potential grew up gradually and then blossomed overnight. It would delight me to tell you that I planned it all, but I really didn’t. It just… evolved.

I love science fiction. I don’t think I’ll ever get bored in my galaxy. Actually, I don’t think you will either. 😀

Cheers all!


10 thoughts on “Multi-planetary Playground – Kind of an Accident

  1. D. Emery Bunn

    The biggest joy of sci-fi is summarized in one word: scale. Even epic fantasies get constrained into world-centric things like parallel planes, or the general limits of a single planet. Sci-fi? Hello big huge gargantuan universe, any point in future history, and whatever method of transportation you desire.

    With the power of scale at your side, it’s amazingly simple to go from a few ordinary people and a planet to a massive interplay at the galactic (or universal) scale. Isn’t it beautiful?

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      It is! It’s wonderful! Way back when I was a kid, I was a bit put off by the way Star Trek (TV version) kept bumping into brand new planets every week, which even to my 11 year-old brain meant that they had to all be clustered at the edge of the solar system. They just flew there, although they did have Warp Speed. I use scaled up teleport Relays and – wham! – I can go anywhere.

      That might have been daunting had I thought about it as a kid starting out, I would have been intimidated by the thought of big scale (it would have meant “big planning”).

      I’m not after the Universe, though. One galaxy is plenty big enough. But one day, maybe… one day… 😀

      1. D. Emery Bunn

        I need to sketch out an epic sci-fi, just because doing that is so much fun. After I finish my other two active projects though…I only have so much time regrettably.

        1. A.D. Everard Post author

          I like your idea of doing that and the reason. Having fun it a huge motivator. It always shines through when a writer has fun with what they are writing – to me, it’s a vital ingredient.

          Yes, and “only so much time” is the biggest frustration!

  2. Yuna

    Nice. I see how much I’ll love the science fiction by the second book (that I haven’t had time to read T_T), The Khekarian Thread wasn’t a boring book for a new kid on the block like me. 😀

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      I think you will love the second one. I’m sure you will tell me when the time comes. No problem when you read it, it is best done at your leisure. 😀


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