Multi-character perspective – and free to read chapters.

I love journeying along a story as I write it, seeing it unfold through the minds and eyes of a range of characters. I enjoy the different angles, the different viewpoints, attitudes, hopes, dreams, different mentalities.

I write deep stories with interwoven threads, a tapestry of diverse perception. Despite the seeming complexity, my books are easy to read.

Most people enjoy my work. Not everyone, but then no writer will ever please everyone. All I can tell you is that more people like it than don’t, and most of those who like my books, love them. You’ll know if it’s your thing before you finish the first chapter – but I have the first four freely available to read on my blog. I want people to know what they’re getting. That’s fair, isn’t it?


You’ll find the chapters listed in the right hand margin. 😀

Cheers, all!



2 thoughts on “Multi-character perspective – and free to read chapters.

  1. The Laughable Cheese

    That sounds very fair. I didn’t know you had the first four chapters on your blog. I am interested. I will look at them soon.


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