Moving out into the Wilderness – TRUE LIFE.

It was a decision we seemingly took very lightly – It had been a dream for many years, so when my husband got a substantial pay rise, and I was fed up with my job, I put forward the idea that I quit and actually get some writing done.

“Why don’t we go the whole hog,” Greg answered, easy as you please. “Sell the house and get a block in the wilderness, then you can man it and write there.”

What’s to think about? I said yes straight off and went to work that day with the whole thing at the back of my mind, an exciting adventure waiting to be. I made no mention of it at work, but when the Boss called out that very morning that her husband, in Real Estate, wanted to sell something so that they could go on holiday, such a happy coincidence could not be overlooked.

“Actually, we want big acreage in the countryside,” I said. “House optional.”

“You’re kidding!” she replied, and when assured I was not, made the call.


It came together within the month. 250 acres in the subtropics of the Northern Territory of Australia. No house. No power. Two creeks that dried up for six months of every year. It had hilly bits and great views, it had flat bits, and trees and kangaroos, snakes and dingoes, bats and the occasional buffalo.

The picture above is taken from our driveway looking down the street in the direction of civilization. Our closest neighbor was literally miles away.

It was bliss!

Cheers, all! 😀


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