Manuscript Repair Kit Checklist.

Giant roll of sticky-tape, check – Hammer and some BIG nails, check – large pot of paste, check – Staple gun, check – String, check – Attitude (big mobs), check – Okay, the little exercise known as manuscript salvaging is underway and I expect it to take about a week to get the basics together and understand the flow and the pace that comes out of the new format.

After that, I’ll know what I’m doing and I should very quickly be back to the level I was before the thing unraveled. That will be the connect-the-segments I have and glue-it-all-back-together part of it, which should take maybe another week.

What comes after that is some heavy duty thinking and writing time to get back on schedule. Counting all my notes in all my various working files, by my reckoning, I still have around 300 create-from-scratch pages to produce, which is about 90,000 words.


The big bonus to all this is that the very thing that was holding me back and wasting my time is gone, so I can get flying and finally get some good forward progress happening.

I will keep you all up to date on how it’s landing until I am back on track. The occasional waffle is bound to pop in, particularly when I’m in the thick of it and don’t have time to construct something worthy to post.

Hmmm… I think I just promised you some unworthy posts… You know I didn’t mean that, right?

Cheers everyone! Have yourselves a great weekend.



2 thoughts on “Manuscript Repair Kit Checklist.

  1. chrismcmullen

    It can drive you insane when you’re really motivated and inspired to write, but some other task that you’d rather not do, but which really needs to be done urgently, is eating all your time.

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      Fortunately this is writing all the way, it’s just that the slash-and-burn element of it (26 pages) had follow-on effects that unbalanced the remaining 130 pages I had in place (about quarter of the book). That was totally unexpected. Scary, too, as I am already six months into the project with only six months to go – not a good time to start again at the beginning. Then again, what are writers without the odd bit of panic to keep them moving forward? 🙂


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