Life, People, Relationships – all in Sci-fi – Shocker!

I always write what I want to read, and I always write what I want to write – and why should sci-fi be “pure” while all other genres are allowed to have LIFE?

Fortunately, science fiction nowadays DOES have life, yet the concept remains, particularly when it comes to sex.

I have been told numerous times that sci-fi doesn’t usually have sex in it, for instance, and that it is a different genre and writers shouldn’t mix genres. I usually reply that when the cowboy in a Western gets the girl in the end, no one says that’s a mixed genre of Western and Love story. Usually they get my point at once.

As a kid, I really didn’t like most of the science fiction available, including (actually, especially) the big name authors. Mostly it was too dour. It could be that I was reading above my age level, but what I really wanted was adventure and spaceships and alien planet colonization.


I had to wait for television shows like Star Trek and movies like Star Wars (and Star Trek movies, too, of course). I totally loved them, and I was already making up stories in that vein.

I didn’t want grey and soulless people. I wanted sci-fi characters to have personality, who loved and laughed and cried. I wanted ordinary people doing extraordinary things. As far as sex is concerned, if you’re going to have a group of people in their prime, you’re going to get lust, love, and relationships, genre doesn’t come into it. It’s natural, why exclude it?

Likewise, I want humor and personality.

There’s plenty of alien and sci-fi technology in the Khekarian series, and a whole heap of heavy-duty research that went behind it. But EVERY story, at its basics, is about people. So you’re going to meet people.

That’s what I wanted. That’s what I do.

Cheers, everyone!



4 thoughts on “Life, People, Relationships – all in Sci-fi – Shocker!

  1. EagleAye

    If a story has passion, then I’d hope there’s some sex in there too. It transcends genres. No matter what anyone’s interested in, they all enjoy some of the wild stuff. Thanks for including it!

  2. The Laughable Cheese

    Yes I agree. Aliens need a little more realism in them. They are going to probably have drives like people. They may different in that they are superior. But that is what I love about Star Trek.


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