Late start to the day – Ooops!

Yesterday got even better. It’s usually a great writing day or a great editing, moving and shuffling day, but yesterday it was both – I finished up with eight pages done, which is near-on 2000 words, by the way, plus a heap more reworking, including more shuffling – The shuffling came about due to realizing that something really was better elsewhere (Aleisha, this time), so the carving up began and out those scenes went.

Disappointingly, that messed with my first marker point, bringing it from page 77 back to 61. As a reminder, everything up to that first point is exactly as I want it. Beyond that point, large sections are great, but the area contains segments or gaps that need work. Each such segment or gap is marked and as I get things right and they get removed, that first marker, in effect, moves along.

Not happy with what looked like a setback (but wasn’t), I got stitching again, and the marker point moved back up to page 76.

Don’t let the low page number of that first marker fool you, there’s another 150 pages beyond that point and a further 200 pages sitting in various note files waiting to go in. What happened yesterday with that moving marker point is an example of how I can work all day and seemingly end up at the same point, while actually getting a mountain of work done.


Anyway, more tomorrow. Other than writing, it was Friday yesterday here in Australia, so for the first time in ages, I sat up late. That meant a massive sleep-in, which I don’t normally do, and I woke up know I had only 15 minutes to come up with a blog post.

Yes, I know I haven’t made it in time – I’m late! :O

Cheers everyone.



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