Intelligent Things of a Wisdomatic Nature.

I’ve been out – that’s why I’m late in this morning (and I bet you thought I was sleeping in) – we had to pick our car up first thing this morning from a garage next town over and be there RIGHT at the time I normally post.

Of course it might have helped to organize something yesterday afternoon for this morning and let the automatic posting-timing-thing take over this morning (I haven’t used that yet), but I was writing, instead, and I’m sure you’ll forgive me that one. I also didn’t know there car would be ready until late yesterday.


It’s weird, coming off a break. I have to think again – Ahead, that is. Ten days sitting in idle and I’ve forgotten where the gears are, but I’m sure I’ll find them again.

Watch this space, as they say, I’m sure intelligent things of a wisdomatic nature are formulating at this very moment and will be heading your way very soon.




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