If big books intimidate you… (and why do I write fat books, anyway?)

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At around the 600 page mark, each book in the Khekarian Series is a big book, about the size of two books and each contains two intertwining stories, so surely that makes each two books in one – so why don’t I just write two books each time, increase sales and show myself to be as prolific as I really am?

I actually considered that, but two things stopped me. The first book in the series, The Khekarian Threat was written, naturally, as a single unit – with start, middle and end, as you would expect and want. It did actually have a natural breaking point in the middle, a good “uh-oh, what happens next?” moment, and I could have split it there, but that would have given my readers entirely the wrong idea about the whole series.

It would have seemed like a serial, not a series, and they are very different things. The climax people wanted would have come in book two, not in book one, book one would have been like a half-book, even at 300 pages – and I just couldn’t do it.

Each book stands alone. It is better to read them in order, because there is progression, but each twin-story is complete (both sides), and each is a book in its own right. That’s important to me and important that my readers realize that. No one wants a book with no ending.


To me a series just means a place re-visited. If you love the characters of a book, you want to see them in action again, in a different story but against the same backdrop (that’s okay, the galaxy is a big place). That’s what I do. Yes, the overall is heading towards something, and that’s good too, but it’s the steps along the way that is important. It’s the journey that makes the series, not the destination.

The second reason I chose not to make the books smaller units was because the twin stories do indeed entwine, covering the same time-zone if not the same locality, making each story a building block of the future. The two stories I put together belong together.

I am gaining a reputation for producing a good meaty read, a fat book you don’t want to put down (the best sort), fiction that is fast-paced with plenty of action, strong characterization and magnificent realism in all fields – fiction or not, very little is made up. That’s important, too. Yes, it is meant for the mature reader, it does have good graphic sex and erotica, but none of the stories are swamped with that. Meaning there is a story, and a good one.

I describe my writing as “science fiction with character” because it is much more than science fiction. The characters come across as real, each unique in their manner and style, with real human concerns, wants, worries, stresses, joys, humor, misunderstandings and strivings – Adventure, in other words, and the full spectrum of emotions.

Whatever it is you’re looking for, it’s in there, and if that sounds like a giant mess, you’re in for a surprise, because it isn’t messy at all. If big books intimate you, check out the list of chapters (1 – 4 plus the first part of 5), free to read on this blog. They cover well over 60 pages and will tell you more clearly than anything else if it engages you at all (there’s no sex in that lot – that comes further along – but there is nudity).

So, providing you realize it has nudity and coarse language, I’ll make it easy, here are the links.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4


While you enjoy those, I’ll get on with big fat twin-book number three, The Bastard Line, where I am having much fun (and expect you will, too – later).

Have a great day, everyone.

Cheers! 😀


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