I Love Fat Books

I love a fat book. I have no problem putting down any book I am not enjoying, but if it’s a GOOD book, I hate it if it’s thin. I slow down my reading. I count the pages until the end and then break it down into daily parcels in an attempt to make it last longer. Of course, if it’s a fat book, I’ll do the same thing on nearing the end, but a fat book at least delivers a lot if you are enjoying it. You feel as though you got your money’s worth. You feel as though you’ve been on an adventure. A proper adventure, lasting days or even weeks, not a scant few hours.

A fat book is better than a movie, sometimes. You go to sleep at night, wondering what’s going to happen in the morning, exactly as the characters would. You are, in effect, travelling with them. A film gives you all the visuals and no reading effort, but at the end of the day, you go to sleep thinking about the movie as a whole. It’s over, you enjoyed it, but you know how it ended now. With a book, you still have that anticipation, that worry over how the hero’s going to make it through in the end – if he or she will make it in the end. You’re wondering how. You don’t know, at that stage, how you will be at the end of it. Will you be elated? Brought low? Defeated? Or will you win? Will you come away absolutely delighted and wanting more, or will you be disappointed. You don’t know.


I love fat books. They draw you in and keep you occupied while, at the same time, they make you wait to find out how it all ends. You walk through that door and you stay there awhile – you know from the start this will be no flying visit. You don’t know what you’re going to find in there, but you have a good idea early on. If it’s got you, oh boy, if it grabs you and entices you, you want to stay. If you’re like me, you want it to be a fat book.

The Khekarian Series is barely under way. The first book, The Khekarian Threat, is out in paperback and as Kindle. It is a fat book. The book is 600 pages (the story itself 590). That’s a fat read. Better still, it has complexity, meaning it’s not just long descriptions and wind-bagging, it’s action and intrigue. Book two in the series, The King’s Sacrifice, is out, too, and is also a fat book and a juicy read. Book three, The Bastard Line is underway.

The entire Khekarian Series will be made out of fat books. You’re getting something. We’re looking at five or six books for the series, and expansion beyond that point because, frankly, I’m having too much fun with it to stop.

I love fat books. I love crawling right inside them and living in that world, knowing I’ll be there for a time. I love writing fat books because I’m in there even longer!




8 thoughts on “I Love Fat Books

  1. Michelle Proulx

    Fat books are “the bomb”, as they say. When I find a really fantastic, thick book, I start to count the pages to the end, and I get more and more depressed as said end nears. I got that way with Patrick Rothfuss’s The Name of the Wind and A Wise Man’s Fear. The books are so spectacular, and I just didn’t want them to end, ever.

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      Hi Michelle! 🙂 Exactly! There’s a sense of doom – 5 pages, 4 pages, 3, 2, 1. Thin books are worse for that, for me, as the countdown starts way too soon. At least with a fat book, I can postpone it. It always happens, though, which isn’t too bad so long as the writer is prolific. That’s where I like a series. I feel like I’m back in with old friends.

      Cheers! 🙂

        1. A.D. Everard Post author

          Ouch! You’d better not touch mine, then, you’ll be looking at days without sleep. I’m not joking. There’s at least three days full-time reading there and most people take weeks. 😀

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