How Do You Blog?

Are you like me, with a commitment to blog but you sit at your computer, have a few coffees and ponder some ideas, fiddling about for an hour or two (or sometimes half the day), trying to come up with something vaguely interesting to let all know in Blogsville that you are alive and well?

Or are you one of those meticulous planners who maps it all out in advance, maybe taking a day to write up your blog posts for the whole of the coming week?

I considered doing that, briefly, until I took into account the length of time it can take me to come up with just one post of something-to-do-with-writing, so the idea of putting together five or six posts at a go was unlikely to work for me. No, I stick with doing it on the fly.


Sometime my ideas flow and I don’t have any problem putting together something new, and many things will trigger an idea. There’s always plenty to chat about and share.

Recently, though, I’ve been wondering about all the creative minds out there – You lot in Blogsville, who post things regularly and communicate so well. Where do you get your ideas from? How do you make it work for you? Do you write a prescribed amount daily, or post just when you have something to show or say? Do you struggle with it sometimes or only do it when it’s fun?

What’s your formula? What’s your inspiration?

Just asking. 😀



26 thoughts on “How Do You Blog?

  1. davecenker

    I have been blogging for a little over 6 months now and it has always been “on the fly”. To be quite honest, I get so passionate about what I write that I don’t think I have the discipline to write something and then hold on to it for a week before I hit the publish button 😉

    I do spend a lot of time “thinking”. Thinking about past events, either exciting or mundane, that convey a message to me. Sometimes, it is only in these moments of thought that I uncover something that would otherwise have been lost to the subconscious mind. And that is one of the most wonderful things I enjoy about writing. It allows me to tell a story and share insights with others, hopefully providing a fresh perspective.

    Although it is not always easy to come up with fresh ideas, I have learned that the only way to open the channel for new ideas is to let go of control of that process. They will come when they are ready, and when I am out and about engaging with the world.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and best wishes for an inspired day!

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      Hi Dave,

      Wow – I like the way you do it. I very much agree with you about letting go of the control over the process. That allows the ideas to flow without pressure (which always blocks things). Ideas do pop up at all sorts of time. I find ideas come to me when I’m talking to someone, other times just thinking/daydreaming, and quite often when I am away from the computer.

      Thank you for your thoughts and your best wishes. 😀 All the very best to you, too. Have a great day!


  2. kaisywmills

    Hello! I have a writing partner. We brainstorm together, one of us writes a draft, sends it to the other, and the editing begins! 🙂 I am the primary editor, so I am responsible for grammar, spelling, mechanics, sentence structure, and proper language (I am an English Instructor).

    We work well together! We are very open-minded, and we implement each other’s ides equally. Also, we are also extremely honest with each other. If one of us do not like the other’s ideas, we tell each other.

    Have you seen our writings?

    Have a great day!

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      Hi Kaisy,

      That sounds like a wonderful relationship and a great way to expand ideas. I can imagine that the energy between you would be fantastic.

      No, I have not yet seen your writing (I will pop over later). Have you seen mine? I have a bunch of chapters for people to get a feel of my work from my first book (sci-fi) in the right hand margin, also accessible from the drop down menu, plus a great scene (emotive) from my second book, which is a continuation of the series.

      All the best to you. Have a great day, too. 😀


  3. Yuna

    Selamat Siang allyson,
    hi, it’s been so long time since our last conversation ;). How are you?
    Ehm, i think i have random ways in resulting a post. Sometimes i’m dozing off in the middle of work (of course with a glass of coffee or tea besides my laptop) and suddenly an idea or thought crossing my mind, and then i write it first on microsoft word to develop it and check the spelling and grammar (event though i think the would be so many grammar errors here and there, kekekekek). the other time, i look for what a nice story to share, especially my travel time. And another time, i just feel like to share the thing i want to say or what i feel. Actually i struggle with it; especially the language and its grammar, but it’s fun.

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      Selamat Sore, Yuna! How are you? 😀

      Yes, it has been awhile – we have both been busy, I think.

      Your method for coming up with something to post is very much like my own. I also write up my ideas in Word and for the same reasons (it doesn’t stop me from finding errors later – at least we can edit). Sometimes I struggle a bit, too, but not for the same reason! You are doing great with English (not like I am with Bahasa – some words I remember, though). 🙂

      I am glad you have fun with it because that is the most important thing.

      Cheers to you – Semangat, Yuna!


        1. Yuna

          Sama sama Allyson,

          Selamat menikmati malam (enjoy evening)
          malam=night (but different uses with “good night” = “selamat tidur” ; tidur=sleep)


        2. A.D. Everard Post author

          Selamat Pagi, Yuna,

          Baik! More words for my list. 😀

          Saya coba remember – Bagaimana saya mengatakannya “remember”? (I had to look that up – this may take years, Yuna. Years!). 😛

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