Honesty Damned Her.

Aleisha was eager to join a colonizing crew or a planetary working team – At 17, she had no experience to speak of, of course, but she had earned her license to drive several types of rig, a motorcycle, and even had her first points in her pilot’s license – She was keen, she was eager as anything.

So, when the form asked her to list any other skills or experience, she openly and honestly reported that she was psychic. Some teams might find that useful.

Stephen, the man who hired her, wasn’t the least bit interested. No, it was Sturn, Stephen’s Khekarian second in command who homed in on her potential. Sturn, one of two killers in the group, a man determined to return to power in an aggressive empire.

Aleisha wasn’t exactly what he was looking for, but she would do. She would do very nicely.


This is how Aleisha came to be chosen by the rogue crew. The story opens with her arrival, and from that moment on, she’s desperate to get out again.

FREE, first 4 chapters – Links in margin!

Cheers, all! 😀


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