Happiness Day – Because I Feel Like It.

Why not? No one needs an excuse to cheer up or feel happy, it can be done with a decision and a little work, which generally involves turning off the gloom – Not actually that hard if you’re being honest about wanting happiness, which is not the same as moping about complaining that you’re not getting any.

Pick a day, any day and for that one day, cut from your life any element that’s negative, destructive, demeaning, pessimistic – anything that makes you sad or angry. Don’t watch or read about real-life misery. You don’t need it. Don’t buy a newspaper. Don’t watch the news. Don’t engage with that person who brings you down or tears down other people. They can visit you or you can visit them another day.

It’s a decision, folks. You can choose it. You can make it happen.

Don’t make excuses for why it’s not going to work. If you start off with that in mind, you’ll get nowhere fast.

Can’t get away from that boss? Choose a different day when that boss isn’t in it. Neighbor or acquaintance bringing you low? Tell them that you won’t be available on that day. Trouble with a spouse? Why not include them in your plans? They might like a Happiness Day, too. Plan it like a date – surprise them with the idea of a truce and go for a walk together, or sit in the park, or – hey, go on an actual date (when was the last time you and your partner went on a date together?).

If necessary, do it quietly, mentally tuning out the bad and savoring the good. There is always a way.

Happiness is not something that’s going to happen for you or to you. You have to engage. You have to participate. Find wonderful things in the moments that surround you. Make that decision. Smell the roses. Enjoy sights and sounds as though maybe seeing and hearing them for the first time.


People wallow in misery way too much. Save your misery moments for fictional adventures and have a tissue box handy. In real life, ditch the gloom.


If you do it for one day – even half a day – you will get something out of it. You might even enjoy it.

If you enjoy it… do it again another day. Or make it a frequent event. There are no limits when it comes to Happiness Days.

Now, okay, you might not want to cut the news from your life forever, but you can focus on the positive things in life and let go of the negative. You can choose to look at the beauty and quit highlighting the ugliness.

Me? Today? It’s a wonderful morning and I’ve decided it’s going to be a great day. That’s it. That’s my plan. And I’m going to see it in every act and word.

So, that’s my day sorted. How about yours?

Cheers all – happiness all the way.



11 thoughts on “Happiness Day – Because I Feel Like It.

  1. Yuna

    Absolutely agree with this one Allyson 🙂
    Happiness actually is our choice. No one will give it to us. Whatever wonderful the life is, no matter how hard people try to make us happy, try to pour us happiness, if we didn’t want to choose to be happy, it never happens. And it works in reversing, i think 🙂 :)… (sometimes for me, it’s not that easy 🙂

    Wish you kebahagiaan (happiness, happy=bahagia).

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      Selamat Siang, Yuna! 🙂

      It is true it is not always easy. It is also true that you can direct your emotions in any direction, good or bad. Realizing the choice of it was the big thing for me, so now I practice every day to be positive and happy. Better things have come into my life for it, so it works. 🙂

      Ah – my list of words is growing – even if I have to look them up a lot of times.

      Terima kasih (I remembered that one).

      kebahagiaan selalu kamu juga (Dang! Had to look those ones up. I hope I put it together right).


      1. Yuna

        Selamat sore, Allyson

        ah, i think i’m too late in replying nowadays -_-

        Kebahagiaan selalu untuk kamu juga ( it’s hard too explain why i slipped in “untuk”, but when the subject at the last pasrt of a sentence, it most suitable for adding “untuk” in this sentences untuk = for)


        1. A.D. Everard Post author

          Selamat pagi, Yuna – No problem being late, I might be late myself as I’m entering a busy phase and might not be able to keep up everywhere.

          Thank you for being a constant source of information. I am not remembering everything, but I do write it all down and keep it in a file. It’s fun to try and remember. 😀

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