Getting back to normal… Whatever that is. And a Thank You also.


The last eighteen months or so have seen some huge upheavals in my life as my husband prepares for his retirement – an interstate move into a new location, forced separation so far lasting over a year, and all the uncertainty that comes with the whole shifting and changing of our financial concerns as we move from one way of life to another.

I guess that sums it up pretty well and it’s no wonder my writing has been greatly thrown out of whack.

So… What of the science fiction series I am writing?


Yes, despite all, I am getting results, my work is progressing. Book three of the Khekarian series is shaping up very nicely and I can’t help but think it is turning out better than it would have had I been on time and pumped it out in a year. I do hate the delay, but I also recognize that it cannot be helped and feeling bad about it doesn’t help either. What matters is that I continue forward, which I am doing. I am also rather thankful for the extra time to fully consider and work through various plot challenges that have cropped up along the way.

To all those who have been with me so far and waited so patiently, a huge and heartfelt Thank You. No one has put pressure on me to “perform” and even my slackness with regard to this blog has been kindly tolerated. This freedom to let things be as they are has helped me more than I can say and I appreciate the support and care I meet both in and out of Blogsville.

Are things back to normal? I’m certainly going that way. For starters you haven’t had to wait weeks (even months) for this post to appear after the last one. My intention is to get back into the swing of things and post more regularly, at least then I won’t be leaving you all in the dark.

So… Onward and forward! Something like that.

Cheers all,