Fixed and Moving

By that, of course, I mean that I have fixed the current issue in the “thread that didn’t fit” – all segments of it – and am moving on with the read-through full steam ahead.

I’d like to give you a page number of where I am at, but I don’t want to frighten you.

All right, all right, I confess, I am currently behind schedule, but there are quite a few months still to go and plenty of time to catch up, so no panicking just yet, please, if you don’t mind.


That’s it. It’s Sunday here and a long weekend, so there might be some more slackness at this end. I can, however, assure you that my thinking has not stopped and I am working on the next bits even if I am not sitting at my desk (although I suspect I will get plenty of that, too, because I’ve missed it. So there).

Cheers all – enjoy your weekend!


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