First day back and Zzzzzzz… (But my mind is on Va’el).

Yep, I confess, I slept through most of it – I showed willing, though, and started off at my desk waiting for inspiration to strike – well, not so much inspiration as energy, since thoroughly poisoning myself with food additives over the Christmas holidays, I’ve had zilch energy, but at least I’m back on my feet and I can cross the room without needing a rest for it – That was for those who haven’t been following recently, so, enough of the sick talk, let me tell you instead what I need to do today, manuscript-wise, without giving anything away.

There are a couple of events that play out through the plot of the book I am working on, and I recently reversed the order of their commencement. I also write in threads, usually weaving three at a time together so that readers follow a handful of perspectives at any one time. It is one of these threads that I need to unpick and rearrange.

The result will be a faster beginning and the sooner onset of the first “event”.


Va’el, as ever, is the sucker culprit slowing me up, kicking his heels and enduring a lengthy wait for something that can happen later, so by shifting that wait, everything else can get going and the whole story moves forward faster.

There are four areas, written in I don’t know how many segments, that I need to pull out and rearrange. I’ve identified them, even listed them (in case I had a mental fade out and forgot) and now I just have to dig them out of the manuscript, rearrange them into the correct order and reinsert them further along (yes, that does leave a hole), then read through the jolly lot, sew the gaps together and make sure that timeframes and surrounding actions all sit snuggly with the new layout.

It’s. Not. That. Hard.

For today – pull ‘em out, put ‘em back in. I can do that. Reading through and smoothing out anything that doesn’t sit right will take more time, but for today, I’ll do the rotation-thing, or the rip-out thing. Some thing.

This is where blogging my intentions pushes me forward because tomorrow I’ll tell you how it went.  🙂

Right now I think that’s smart, by tomorrow morning I might think differently, but I won’t know until then, so I’m running with it.

And yes, it’s the start of the weekend here, so anything might interfere with my plans, although I suspect that mostly I will sleep through them (my plans).

Cheers everyone, have a great day.


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