Facebook… er… update? (Help!)

If anyone can offer a word of advice, I would greatly appreciate it. Being totally new to facebook, I didn’t even know I was lost. Great start – not. Basically, I’m still stuck with just the Admin Panel. That’s what I was given to begin with and didn’t even know there was supposed to be a home page until I read something in the community forum about how to use the menu in the left margin. “Hello,” I thought. “What left hand margin?” It was only then I knew there was an issue as the page I had been given had no left hand margin to use.


After that, I checked out “Admin Panel” and found a host of people have the same sort of problem. In fact some are more restricted again and have no sections to fill at all (their page is blank). Some of these people had been using facebook for a while and one day just came in and found their home page gone (so it’s not just newbies getting lost). At least I had the page to fill and some settings to play with. I just can’t get out, not even to see what my own page might look like, never mind find anyone else’s page.

There’s no way to move on. No go to button. No search button. No un-lock button. I don’t find the information very helpful in the community forum either, there seems no clear how-to-for-beginners.

I have reported the issue (a week ago) and was informed with great confidence that they are unlikely to respond directly, but might if they need more detail. Great. That does not bode well. So I have to wait and see if something happens. Nothing has, so far (just checked).

I hope I can get facebook up and running. I’ve done what I can with the Admin Panel. The background and foreground pictures I’ve put up look great and I’m eager to “plug it in” to my blog.

If anyone out there can see a solution that I and many others are blind to, please be so kind as to point me in the right direction. A nod and a “Yup, you’ve got a problem” is a fair comment, too. What I would like to know is – normally – when you create a business page, do you start off with (are you presented with) something called a home page up front, or dropped straight into the Admin Panel, as I was. From settings, there is a “view page” button, but when I hit that, I’m taken back to the Admin Panel.

There you go, a post that is totally different to anything else I’ve posted. 😀

Cheers all!



15 thoughts on “Facebook… er… update? (Help!)

  1. Yuna

    Selamat Sore Allyson,
    i have a facebook, but i don’t use a business page type..so ehm sorry to say, i can’t lend any help T_T.
    hope you overcome it soon 😀

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      Thanks, Yuna [Terima kasih 🙂 ],

      I’m sure facebook knows there’s something wrong, as it’s not just happening to me, and I’m sure they’re working on it. I just have to wait it out. Ah well, they say patience is a virtue. 😀

      Saya bersemangat [I am feeling cheerful – at least I hope that’s what it means. 😀 I’m trying to say I own the feeling of cheer].

      Maybe “baik” would be better?

      Saya baik = I am good
      Saya berbaik = I feel good [?] (New word. I’m reaching out again, here, and making things up according to the rules as I understand them. You may laugh at me if I put together this word wrong). 😛

      Semangat selalu [Cheers always]


      1. Yuna

        Selamat Sore Allyson,

        yess, kita (we) bersemangat \^0^/

        maybe (mungkin).

        no, i’m not laughing because i think i’m not clearly explain it :D. Just say “Saya baik”–> i feel good, no need ber- since it is an adjective 😀

        Cheers 😀 😀


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