I’m having an enjoyable chat with Writingsprint about crystals in a post of mine from a couple of days ago (links are below), and it has me wondering about the many different ways we revitalize. I like crystals on my desk and different ones by my bed, I find some are vibrant and some are soothing, but I also love the great outdoors and nature, and can find energy in a country drive just looking at sweeping scenes, the earth and the sky – The ocean is another energy-booster for me.

There are many other energizers, too. There’s music, for instance. I love silence and work in a silent house. I also drive in silence. I don’t like television or the radio because both are “uncontrollable” and noisy – but that means when I sit to watch a movie or play some music, I am swept away by the majesty and the strength of sound.


What others are there?

There’s walking and swimming, both “nature-things” to me. There’s dancing, that fits in with “music”, and there must be many more to add to that modest list. Socializing is probably one for many people who gain strength from one another. Meditation might be another. The more I look at it, the more it seems the variety of ways we energize ourselves is vast.

So, what does it for you? What things do you use or do to energize your body or soul?

Just wondering.




Writingsprint’s blog is HERE and our discussion on crystals here at Bloodstone sci-fi is HERE.

4 thoughts on “Energizing

  1. Rhino House

    Just sitting silent & still; watching & listening to the world in a place with no people. Hard to beat if you’re looking to re-establish your calm & balance.


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