Early notification – FREE Sci-fi Between Christmas and New Year.

Okay – no looking at old posts this weekend – Instead, with Christmas coming up, I want everyone aware as early as possible that I’m putting up my first big fat sci-fi “The Khekarian Threat” as a Kindle freebie right in the middle of Christmas and New Year – I’m doing this for several reasons, primarily I don’t want it out there ahead of Christmas, competing with a billion distractions while everyone is busy getting their preparations and last minute shopping in, and secondly, I thought it would be nice to have it available for those who want to find something extra (as a gift from me to you) after all the fuss has died down a bit and we’re all in the lying-on-the-sofa-totally-stuffed-out mode.

Because of that lost-amongst-the-celebrations timing, from here to then, I will be pointing out the give-away fairly regularly, but likely as a tack-on to my usual posts and ramblings. So please don’t be put off by that, not everyone comes in every day or even once a week, and I want everyone to know.


The dates to look for are Dec 27th from first thing through to midnight 31st Dec., so if you are interested in getting a copy free on Kindle, please note those dates in your diary or stick them on your fridge, somewhere where you won’t forget.

Please do heed the Mature Readers warning. The book has adult themes, coarse language, sex and some violence. It’s not for kids.

If you don’t have Kindle, there are available Kindle apps., which I will also supply links to when the time comes. These apps are from Amazon and are free.

Anyhow, just letting you know. I have mentioned a couple of times to people that the freebie will “be after” Christmas, but I only just realized that they might think I mean after New Year’s as well.

That’s it for today. Have an excellent weekend, everyone.

Cheers!  😀


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