DEADLY SERIOUS – From the Khekarian Threat, out now on Amazon.

One of the women broke away from the activity around the semitrailers and headed in. She was tall and well-toned, dressed like a soldier, wearing the baggy khaki trousers and matching singlet top associated with the military pretty much everywhere. While the outfit and corresponding boots might point to someone playing the part, the belt loaded with equipment denoted something altogether more serious. Aleisha felt her first moment of apprehension.

Her hair was regulation short, almost shaved, but what was there was dark and sleek. It suited her, she had the bone structure and striking facial features to carry it well. Deadly good looks, Aleisha thought, the emphasis perhaps on deadly. The woman looked severe.

Aleisha tuned in to sense what she could, letting her energy expand outwards to gently connect with the stranger. She still hoped the outer image was some kind of display, a pseudo-persona, a toughness to show the world, but it wasn’t softness within that she met, it was a solid wall of vibrant, ruthless energy that blasted outwards with unexpected force.

The presentation was accurate.

No. The presentation was a hint.

Take the soldier, the training, the severity, and multiply that a hundredfold, that’s what was walking towards the office. This woman was all about combat.


Meet Sevi, one of my all-time favorite characters from The Khekarian Threat, book One in the Khekarian series.




18 thoughts on “DEADLY SERIOUS – From the Khekarian Threat, out now on Amazon.

        1. Yuna

          Ah, Senin = Monday.

          Wow, cool, what is the tittle? This news makes me smile in the early working time. Really happy to hear that. You are really cool, Allyson. 🙂

          Wow, It’s ‘Selasa’ already. Semangat selalu. 🙂

        2. A.D. Everard Post author

          I looked up Senin, then looked for Tuesday. 😀

          One book is basic lessons. It is called “Survival Indonesian, Daily Bahasa Indonesia for foreigners. An elementary course.” That one will give me some lessons. The other book is an English-Indonesian/Indonesian-English dictionary – a shortcut way of finding what I need to say. 🙂

          These were the best I could find. I’m after something deeper, but this is a start. I don’t really know anything yet, but I like to find out.

          It is very nice of you to help me learn.

          Ia lelutjon. Saja barangkali buatan banjak kesalahan.

        3. Yuna

          Logic. 🙂

          You got all you need, Allyson. 🙂

          That an old spelling. We don’t use that anymore, nowadays. 😀 but you already use the language structure pretty well. 🙂

          The spelling you used is called ‘Ejaan Van Ophuysen’, it was used from 1901-1947 (i just ‘googled’ it) 😀 😀

          Now Indonesian have been used “Ejaan Yang Disempurnakan” since 1972.

          In case you want to search for another source. 🙂

          Semangat Rabu pagi, Allyson…despite all of your business (include the Bahasa Indonesia lesson).

          Cheers \^o^/

        4. A.D. Everard Post author

          Oh bum! 😀 Thanks for letting me know – I wondered about Saja rather than Saya – didn’t think of old language. Yes, I will look for a modern source (these books were found second hand).

          Semangat Rabu pagi, kamu juga, Yuna. Kamu besar tarik napas. Saya dapat benar buku!

        5. Yuna

          No worries, 🙂
          Wow, you have a Indonesia’s book from a second hand book store. It sounds cool. 🙂

          Semoga bukunya bermanfaat. 🙂

          Semangat Jumat pagi. 🙂 🙂

        6. A.D. Everard Post author

          Selamat siang, Yuna. Indah Jamat!

          Aku tersesat dengan “Semoga bukunya bermanfaat.” Jadi sekarang aku curang!!! Saya menggunakan penterjemah. 😀

          Jadi, tidak, buku tidak membantu, tetapi penerjemah adalah. LOL. Saya berharap hal ini masukakal.


        7. A.D. Everard Post author

          I will have to get a better book and learn properly. I do remember some words and expressions, but not enough to count for anything. See? You’ve given me motivation and a great new hobby. 😀

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