Creative Decoration – 5 Sure Signs of a WRITER or ARTIST.

Depending on how intimate you are with one of the shy creatures, you may spot one or all of the following indicators.


1. Ink marks on furniture and bedding (don’t ask).

2. Ink marks on clothing (happens all the time).

3. Ink marks around mouth (from chewing the wrong end of the pen).

4. Ink marks on forehead (I don’t know how that happens).

5. Ink marks.

Artists may swap ink for paint and pen for brush, proving that writers are not the only ones afflicted with creative decoration.

Cheers! 😀


15 thoughts on “Creative Decoration – 5 Sure Signs of a WRITER or ARTIST.

  1. Yuna

    Sure, the signs of a writer (Penulis, pengarang; tulis = write; add a prefix ‘pe’ before a verb to make it a noun; there are some terms and conditions),
    I shall check mine 🙂

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      Iya – I remember penulis is writer, but the “t” disappears from in front of tulis – “write”.

      Pengarang? Is the “pen” here the same as the “pen” that changes a verb to a noun? Or is this the word for “signs”. I have to make sure I don’t misread “pen” always and think it is something that owns (becomes) something. Ah – and here the student becomes a nuisance, I think. 😀 (Yes, already.) 😛

      1. Yuna

        Yes, there are some term and condition for adding a prefix, some letter like “t” turns into “n” (we’ll find the other letters 🙂 sorry for being a bad teacher)

        No, it is derived from karang = made, write. for “k” will turns into “ng” when we add prefix “pe”.

        Ah, so does the teacher 😀

        1. A.D. Everard Post author

          Semangat pagi, Yuna! 😀 Tidak, kamu not a bad teacher. Kamu baik to teach me anything. (You will be laughing now, but I can only work with what I have.) 😛


  2. writingsprint

    I LOVE ink on my hands. That’s what I hate about using the laptop. I miss having ink smeared all over my fingers. 🙂


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