Cover Back Teasers – I’m after your opinion, People, books 1, 2 and 3 (NEW, not seen before).

I spent a fair amount of time yesterday fiddling about trying to get Word text as a picture in Paintshop Pro so I could show you what the layout will look like for the new back covers (including font size, line spacing and formatting) – I managed it, saving the files as PDFs, but the end result was hard to read, the quality wasn’t good up close and resizing it didn’t help – so I didn’t go that way.

Yes, I know there’s a way (there’s bound to be), but I don’t have the time to waste on it so, I’m just going to have to run with showing you the text without the formatting – I do have the individual lines at the right cutoff point and bolding in place, although I realize that the lines will break at different points depending on what gadget you’re viewing on, so please take that into account.

The three are in order, one after the other on the next page. Please don’t click “continue reading” if you don’t want to read back covers. Those of you who do – I would love and appreciate your opinion on these before I send them off to be done.

Sorry about the wide spacing, and the asterisks are in to mark gaps in the layout – WordPress was closing them automatically on me (but not where I wanted them closed. Grrr).

Many thanks in advance.


Book 1, The Khekarian Threat:

custom book cover Allyson official ebook 

Stephen has sold her to the Khekarians!

It would be against the law, only there weren’t

any that mattered on the newly colonized

Terran world, Zumaridi.

Aleisha is an untrained psychic caught up in the

power struggle of an exiled Khekarian Prince

determined to return to a brutal empire.


Sturn rules Stephen’s team now. No one is safe. Sturn’s

every whim is granted and his elite bodyguard makes

sure no one steps out of line.

Stephen is willing to do as he’s bid for profit, even if it

includes capturing an exotic alien-native specimen

reputed to appear and disappear at will, a species that

will strengthen the Khekarian war effort and bring about

the overthrow of the Chiddran Empire.


What starts with Aleisha fighting for her freedom ends

with Raoul and his civilian crew the only ones who can

keep the balance of power between empires.

Raoul’s only fighter is not happy about going in. Jackie

has already lost heavily against these same

Khekarians. Twice. As an ex-soldier and with the

Terran Sector at risk should the Chiddran fall,

she cannot afford to lose again.







Book 2, The King’s Sacrifice:

Custom Book Cover Allyson Book 2 official ebook


The Khekarian Emperor demands a

sacrifice. That sacrifice must be

Chiddran. That sacrifice must be royal.


In a war between Empires there can be no mercy,

even when the conquered people put forward

a powerful blood offering.

Emperor Kyhlin is determined to put to death war

hostage, Chiddran Princess Shalsey, for the attempted

assassination of the Imperial Son, his heir.

Ialle, Ensceln’s Khekarian King and conqueror,

will do everything he can to save Shalsey’s life, even

if he must go against her will and accept the

blood of her people.


That decision will destroy them both.

If Ialle succeeds, Shalsey will live, but she will

never forgive him. If he fails, she will die and

he will never forgive himself.






Book 3, The Bastard Line: Custom Book Cover Allyson book 3 official ebook


There are drawbacks to being the bastard son

of a bastard son of an emperor, but Va’el has

strong ambition and is after a princely crown.


The boy has lived his whole life outside the Imperial

Circle. Now the Bastard Line has taken power and

Va’el is in with a chance.


Twice he has failed to impress his father, but perhaps

there is a chance to get it right. Va’el is on a self-chosen

mission to Zumaridi to find a prize the new Emperor will

appreciate, but the Terran planet’s

alien-native lizard is not what he thinks it is.


If he gets one, though, he’ll secure a crown for certain.

It’s all a bit much when you’re only ten years old. Worse,

Sevi, an elite soldier and officer of the Khekarian Imperial

Armed Forces has been sent to “save” him. How ever will

Va’el live down the humiliation of that?


It’s not his fault that his visit to Zumaridi turned into a

diplomatic incident.





 Let me know what you all think! All views appreciated!

Cheers all,



17 thoughts on “Cover Back Teasers – I’m after your opinion, People, books 1, 2 and 3 (NEW, not seen before).

  1. debb323

    Book three is good, book two has stars in front of his face, and book one, has the white on her shoulder. The “belt” should behind her, as should the stars in her face. IMHO.

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      Hi Debb. 🙂 You are looking at the cover pictures. I put them in there to help show which ones the text went to.

      All the covers are already purchased and the first two books in print. Yes, the stars are meant to be seen and the “white line” is the horizon of a planet.

      In the top dropdown menu there’s a tab titled “The Khekarian Series.” It drops down into three listing, one for each book. If you click on those it will show you a large picture (I kept them small in this post because they were meant as indicators rather than main objects). You will see in the bigger pictures that the figures are translucent precisely so the sci-fi background shows through. They look better full-size. 🙂

      My apologies for confusing you with the pictures. It was a last minute decision to put them in this post so that people knew what text went to which book.

      Cheers to you. 🙂

  2. beth

    I wasn’t going to…
    I didn’t mean to…
    But I’ve gone and read the last one anyways.

    My only question is, I’ve never seen the “warning” on another book.
    Do you feel it necessary?

    Love the bastard son of a bastard son line.

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      Hi Beth! 🙂 Thank you for looking! I know you don’t like to look at teasers, so it’s seriously appreciated.

      The warning hasn’t gone on yet, it’s one of the changes and will be in small print down the bottom. I’ve had comments in reviews that there should not be psychic stuff in science fiction (although, both Star Trek has it with Spock’s “mind-meld” and Star Wars had Luke using the Force – both classified as sci-fi), so this lets it known up front. I’ve heard the same said of sex. The third book (because I mention Va’el’s age) I don’t want mistaken for a children’s book.

      I do have the warning already up at Amazon and Kindle, in the description, so I guess I’m just making sure. You do raise a good point though, so I will consider it a bit more deeply. Maybe I’ll ask my cover designer to put it in tiny-tiny print. 🙂

      Thanks for pointing it out. Cheers, mate. 😀

  3. winterbayne

    I think some kind of warning should be present. Maybe not directly on the book cover, but it still needs to be there. Romance readers want a certain “kink” …genre…category….not finding the right words here. Straight Sci Fi fans may would want to know there was sex & romance. That may not be their cup of joe. When crossing genres, telling about the writing style and plot is always appreciated by this reader.

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      Thanks, Winterbayne, that’s what I’m thinking. If the warning remains on Amazon, not everyone sees it. As I pointed out earlier, I’ve already been criticized for having an acceptance by these empires of psychic skills. We’ve had periods of acceptance in our own history, though, so historically such a thing is correct, and what’s historically correct goes for the future, too (people don’t change).

      Sex, of course, is a whole new ball of wax – likewise violence and swearing. I’m just trying to make it very clear what people are getting.

      The warning I have is planned in small print right down the bottom of the back of the page, after the teaser text.

      Maybe I should make this a separate post. 😀

      1. winterbayne

        I’m with you! I’ll have to come up with my own surgeon’s general warning for some of my stuff. Oh and I’m doing my own teasing tomorrow on my blog 😛 Post away! There you go a post topic, free of charge!

  4. writingsprint

    I think you can go with only three paragraphs rather than four. The fourth ones are giving away the ending — one through three already have me holding my breath. Or condense the fourth paragraph into the third as a cliffhanger. As for the warning, I’ve seen it in some other books at Amazon, if the author felt it was explicit enough to merit it. No harm in including it as a short warning at the end. I think the genres have grown up in recent years, especially with video games, and some degree of sex won’t turn anybody away.

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      Thank you so much – this is what I wanted to hear.

      If paragraphs one through three works for you, that might be all I need. The first book, particularly, could use chopping down a bit – the length has always bothered me. I will have another look with that consideration in mind.

      I can’t agree that any of the last paragraphs give the endings away. If anything, each points to a bigger problem, which was/is the intention.

      The warning is intended as small print on the back. I’ve been criticized for having sex in a sci-fi (as though people can’t be human in the future) and also for the psychic content. It’s a turn off for some sci-fi readers, I guess, although both Star Trek and Star Wars has reference and acceptance of the same (Mr Spock does his mind-meld and Luke is taught how to use the Force – both stories are classic sci-fi – perhaps I’m frowned at because I actually use the words “psychic” and “seers”, but never mind).

      Have you read the first or second book? Sorry, I’ve forgotten, there’s quite a few with their hands on The Khekarian Threat, either in the process of reading it, going to read it or have read it.

      Explicit sex – OH, YES – (forget the above question – if you’ve read it, you’d know already). 🙂

      Thank you hugely for this feedback. I will consider all you have said, including about the last paragraphs, and see how I can tweak it.

      A big cheers to you! 🙂

      1. writingsprint

        If the last paragraphs don’t give anything away, you’re good to go. They sounded like conclusions so that’s why I was worried.

        If you were writing a “hard science” scifi novel, you might not want psychics. The Khekarian series feels more like a scifi thriller, in which case, go for it. Star Trek had counselor Troi, and Babylon 5 had the Psi Corps. You’re in good company with psychic powers all around. By the way, did you see the Karl Urban “Dredd” movie? It rocks and has a very good psychic character in Olivia Thirlby. The movie’s so gritty that you don’t even blink at her being psychic — I think the movie has the same intense feel that The Khekarian Threat has.

        I’m reading The Khekarian Threat now, about a third of the way through it. Poor Aleisha!

        1. writingsprint

          PS, it may be cliche, but I sometimes lean on a three-part structure — get them interested, give them detail, wrap it up and leave them wanting more. Just a thought 😀 .

        2. A.D. Everard Post author

          That seems like sound advice to me. Of all the different elements that go into writing a book, writing the flipping teaser page for the back cover is the hardest – for me, anyway. 😀

        3. A.D. Everard Post author

          Excellent – Thank you for that info. No, I haven’t seen “Dredd”. I will add it to my list. 😀 Sounds great.

          Thanks, too, for saying where you are in The Khekarian Threat. Sounds like you are enjoying it so far. You are helping me a lot here, thank you again for this feedback. 😀

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      Hi Greg. Thanks. I agree the first is wordy – it always has been. Trying to bring on the tease a bit more would be great. I would like very much to do that. The only other option is to quote a scene from the book, but that’s even more limiting as far as space is concerned. Trying to find something that excites everyone is the difficulty.

      Focusing on one half of the story is probably what I have to do. I did for the backs of books 2 and 3. I’m probably trying to explain too much for book one. Question is, who should be the focus? Alesiha? Sturn? Sevi?

      I wanted the psychic element in there so it doesn’t “shock and disappoint” anybody, yet if I just focus on Aleisha, it sounds fairly mundane, hence the alien-natives, the Khekarian/Chiddran war and Sturn trying to get back into power – the whole sci-fi element. As the rest of the series is very much about what happens “back there”, Sturn should feature somewhere – otherwise you’re facing “Hey up, the first book says it’s about a girl trying to escape from this bastard, and the next book you’re suddenly in with royalty” – the flavour has got to be there in book one.

      Perhaps I should ditch Aleisha as a focus and angle it more from Sturn’s point of view. I’ve got a week or so before Laura (cover designer) can fit me in, so I can carry on panicking for a time yet.

      Okay. So – the first is still too wordy, the second and the third one you like just as is. Excellent. Thank you.

      Cheers! 🙂


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