Caffeine Flowing in my Veins.

I’m wide awake and feel fantastic, despite the fact it is 4:00 am (no, not now when I’m posting, then when I was first up) and I intended to sleep in this morning – I put it down to having a surprisingly relaxing day yesterday when I managed to let go completely of all the tension I’ve been working under these past few weeks.

Yes, I did get some writing done. Then I stepped away, enjoyed some beer and played computer games on an iPad which took me out of my office completely and, more importantly, took my thoughts away from my book. It’s very hard to think about plot and action for one group of adventurers when you’re looking for treasure and battling monsters with another set of adventurers. Surviving and earning gold to buy a better weapon than a wooden sword and more protection than travel clothing kind of takes your mind off everything else.


I even turned in late, yet here I am, fully refreshed after less than five hours of sleep, up and at my computer and with ideas popping around in my mind. I’ve even done a page already (then “Caffeine Flowing in my Veins” occurred to me as a reasonable thing to post about this morning, and so I’m jotting some of it down now).

Update: Three pages so far and counting. I do believe today is going to be a great day.

Yes, I have had a cup of coffee. 😀

Cheers all!



21 thoughts on “Caffeine Flowing in my Veins.

        1. Yuna

          Thank you, Allyson.
          Honestly i don’t work to hard, but too relax. :D, just the social issue makes this work hard. 😀 😀

  1. winterbayne

    I typically get 4-6 hrs sleep on my writing days. It’s the only way I can get it in. Welcome to my world where I exist on a minimum of two pots of coffee a day. Last Thursday & Friday, I did a no sleep a thon. I lost count of the pots of coffee. I’m still shaking and trembling on this Sunday morning at 0300. 😉

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      I agree, writing comes first and sleep second and we do what we can to keep awake. I try to keep my coffee count low, but hot chocolate has starch in it, so for me it’s a choice of hot water or coffee (I’m not much of a tea drinker). Believe it or not, sometimes hot water wins, but coffee is a favourite – although too much of that and I’m walking on the ceiling. 🙂

      1. winterbayne

        I have low blood pressure. Coffee is practically medicine 😉 It’s the lack of sleep and food that messes me up more. If I don’t eat when I should, what I should…it stops everything I swear.

        1. A.D. Everard Post author

          Yep – you’re a writer. Add a bit of alcohol at the end of the day (yes, it has snuck back into my diet), and that’s me.

          It’s true, though, what you’ve said about eating. I find if I eat the wrong things (meaning starches for the most part, but food additives for the worst part), I stop dead in my tracks. I can’t think straight, I become constantly tired and my sleeping quality becomes poor. Then, because I’m feeling low, I crave more of the wrong foods, and the whole becomes a negative spiral. Breaking out of that takes effort.

          It really does make a difference what and how you eat.

        2. winterbayne

          They are grain based ;( BUT the yeast eats up most of the sugars…I think. Either way, that is still part of my diet.

        3. A.D. Everard Post author

          Certainly grain-based, but totally carb free (unlike wine). The Atkins diet lists it as completely free. Some things separate out, for instance, carbs are in milk, but not in cream, so milk should be avoided, but cream if fine (the real stuff, that is, out of a cow, not out of a can).

          Spirit is part of my diet, too, when I can get it. 🙂

        4. A.D. Everard Post author

          I’m with you there! YES, nutrient, YES, vital. A writer should not be without alcohol, that’s my claim and I’m sticking to it – along with it helps creativity and also to relax after all that in-fighting that characters get up to. 😀

  2. theparasiteguy

    Ahh, caffeine. What would writers do without it? 😉

    In any case, hope the session goes well :). Dunno how you can do it on so little sleep, though; that’s seriously impressive to me.


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