Busy, busy, busy.

It seems like I have such a lot to do, all of it needed yesterday, it’s hard to stay focused on one thing when so many things are calling for my attention – I’m talking about writing, of course, the manuscript, the backs of books, blogging and blog posts and keeping up with everybody.

New things are on the horizon, too, such as attending a local writers’ group, which seems not too large, with people who sound friendly and who meet once a month to share their work and set writing challenges.


I’ve never ever been in a writers’ group before. Never wanted to (having heard some horror stories early on). Then one day I realized how reclusive I am and that pretty much all of my social life is conducted via computer in Blogsville. Not being a party animal in any way, shape or form, I didn’t notice. I actually like a quiet life.

That said, it still seems like a good idea to actually meet like-minded people and it never hurts to make some more friends.

As for the writing challenges, I don’t expect to really join in on those until I’ve finished the book I’m working on, and that seems to be okay with them – no one has to perform, which is another thing I like about this group.

Anyway, that’s tomorrow night.

I’ll be sure to tell you about it.




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