Brain-dead Monday (oh dear).

What happened to the weekend? Yep, it’s Monday morning here in Australia as I type this – one of those slow-starting Mondays when you wonder what happened to Saturday and Sunday as you sit back at your desk and then, gazing at the familiar territory of papers and books and clutter, you question whether you actually stepped away from it at all (maybe it’s still Friday and the weekend hasn’t happened yet – what you experienced was a mere fanciful daydream – one can but hope).

“What happened to the weekend?” is closely followed by “Why am I here?” Receiving no answer to either of those questions, you eventually move on to the inevitable, “Where’s my coffee?” That, at least, you can manage all alone.

So… Here I sit with a cup of coffee and wait for the day to Spring into Excitement mode… tick… tick… tick… (not happening, is it).


It’s nice outside. We’re in Summer now (barely) in Australia and I’m looking forward to some warmth – which is why we spent much of our weekend outside on our little hillock, sitting on the bench seat and watching the skyline and the trees and the clouds and the birds. No kangaroos, though, although we did have an echidna come for a close-up visit. Got some good pictures and we meant to make them ready to post, but we didn’t get to it because we were too busy enjoying some very nice Chardonnay.

It was that kind of weekend.

So, sitting here, wondering where the weekend has gone, and with not much else in my mind, I’m afraid I have no words of writing-wisdom for you today (as if ever I did, and as if you ever needed any). I am merely putting in an appearance and letting you know that all is well – if a mite slow – and that I do expect to get some work done today… eventually.

I’m sure something better will pop up tomorrow.

Meanwhile, have a great day/evening everyone.

Cheers!  😀


6 thoughts on “Brain-dead Monday (oh dear).

  1. Nina Kaytel

    Oh my, I saw this in my reader and freaked. “It’s Monday! Did I miss the Walking Dead?” Oh god, oh god — oh wait ……….. different sides of the world.

  2. Rhino House

    The great thing about Mondays is that if you miss one it doesn’t really matter (nothing important happens on a Monday) but if you feel bad, you can always try harder the following week.

    This simple philosophy is why I enjoy weekends, but can’t remember anything about the rest of the week. It also explain why nobody ever asks me to look after their car keys or their cat.


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