Blogging in the Holidays.

I’m not sure how it’s all going to work – Greg starts his holidays next Monday and will be off for three whole weeks, which means lying in bed in the mornings for him (I’m an early-bird so will get up anyway) and going up the hill in the afternoons for both of us, now that it’s warm enough to do so, it being Summer in Australia – but there will be trips out and about also, so while I intend to pop in and blog daily, there will be some days I might not be in at all.

I figure it’s likely to be a quiet time for everybody and, while that’s no reason to stop, I might be interrupted from time to time. We tend to do things spur of the moment during the holidays, like driving across the state to visit a town we’ve never been to, simply because we’ve never been to it.


Most of the time, though, we will be home. Writing will continue for me – writers simply don’t work according to clock or calendar – and I want to pick up my pace so as not to be left panicking as the publishing date (July 2014) for book three draws near. I can report that I’m making good progress all the same, and I am happy with all results so far.

Days here ought to be pretty quiet over the Christmas break, which is what we prefer, and as Greg has lots of hobbies and things to explore on the Net, I will still have plenty of writing time and will spend most of my days as I usually do, at my desk.

So that’s my plans for Christmas and a couple of weeks beyond. In the middle of that, of course, there will be my Kindle giveaway of book one The Khekarian Threat, from the 27th to the 31st Dec., currently just booked for the 27th (until the calendar opens up to extend it – don’t ask). I will certainly be blogging then and giving all the info, links and so on.

Meanwhile, what are your plans for the Holidays? Do you bloggers plan to blog? Writers write and creators create? Do you plan to travel, to stay home? Do you plan to surf the net more than normal, play games or give the computer a break and go watch some movies instead? Are you all organized for time off? (For those who are working over that period, I hope the time off you get comes quickly and that you get to have fun too.)

Personally, I expect to have a great time. You?

Cheers!  😀


10 thoughts on “Blogging in the Holidays.

  1. Yuna

    i expect a great time too, and yes, thank you for wishing our time off comes quickly. I’m getting use to work in “holidays”, ehm, I’m continue blogging and surfing at internet more because I’m planning my new trip to the northern part of Southeast Asia mid January 2014.
    Ah, i envy you for having the “hill-time” at afternoon. 🙂

    Cheers \^0^/

  2. writingsprint

    Enjoy your holidays! Mine will have a lot of traveling — a drive this weekend, a longer drive next Tuesday, and a flight the following Saturday. It should be exhausting but I think there’ll be a lot of love going around. Writing-wise, I’ll be blogging, and soul searching on the idea of, “Write the book you want to read.”


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