Being Mean on a Happiness Day – Gosh!

Mean in a fictional sense, of course (as something for the Good Guys to overcome, which makes it positive), so that’s okay, then – Reading through my latest work on my latest manuscript yesterday (which was my decided Happiness Day), it bothered me that there is lack of hostility going on between – no, I’m not going to tell you – The scenes I’m looking at are nasty and cold, and nasty-cold is extra mean, I know, but somehow this is lacking a motivator – Anger, for preference, which got me kinda thinking, Oh Sh-


How am I going show the motivation behind the action without an unreasonable rant from the character who is not out of control enough to give one?



I might have to play with this for a time. Meanwhile, I shall move on. More reading today to check out the bits I have fixed over the last week.

Cheers everyone!  🙂


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