Basic waffle may occur.

Okay, having had a spectacular week out here on the surface, I’m back into writer mode – no, I have not forgotten the remaining wilderness stories, but I did rather go crazy with them and I don’t want this blog to morph into a wilderness blog (because that will confuse the heck of the newbies who will wonder why this “nature blog” is suddenly going on about science fiction).

The wilderness stories with the photos have been grouped under “Wilderness Photos” in the top menu next to “bio”, and there are links there that will direct anyone interested to those posts that contain stories, but no photos. And, of course, there will be more stories coming soon.

Yes, I know, I should go through them and spruce them up with said photos, but that’s a job for another week.


This week nothing particular is planned for this blog. Basic waffle may occur. My focus this week is to get deeply into the next book of the Khekarian series, The Bastard Line, as I seem to have clocked up quite enough time off or merely playing with it and it’s time to get serious if I am to get it published in time (July 2014).

I can tell you I am in an excellent mood and expect excellent things to happen – so, with that in mind, I shall get on with it.

Have a great day everyone.



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