Bare Bones Will Not Do It – Dang, I have to look into the Future!

I need to look ahead – Yes, it’s like that – Something that happens in Book 3 of my science fiction series gives rise to something monumental in Book 5, or possibly 6, which is two or so along and likely to be the last in this particular series, although not the last from the Khekarian/Chiddran and Terran Galaxy (that structure and interplay is far too grand, and fun, to abandon after only five or six books).

Point is, the knowledge of this link between stories is not enough. I need to know the details of where this goes and, from the other end (the future), what information is needed from this end (the present) to make it workable and sound.


I knew this was an issue, of course, but had so far dealt with it purely from this end, knowing it would be called on later. However, I’ve recently realized that I need to be more thorough and learn exactly what is needed from the future side. In detail. That’s the bit I was missing out on.

That’s what I’m up to, and yes, it will help out Book 5 (or 6), too, when I get to it, so I will make plenty of notes as I sort all this out.

So, I guess it’s back to the grind…

Cheers everyone! 😀


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