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Okay, ignore the last post…

While meant well, I realize that holding back publication of each book until the entire series is finished is not fair on those who have already been waiting, so my plans have changed accordingly.

I will say it’s good to get back in the swing of things. I’m currently reading back on my work, notes, manuscripts and even my previous books to get the flow up and running in the right direction. It’s certainly important for continuity and I’ll soon be back to Book 3.

The break I took – though far longer than ever intended – was necessary and has put me into a position to do the following books in the Khekarian series justice. I certainly hope it is worth the wait for all my readers.

I still need to sort out publishing and the cover work (Laura, if you are reading this, please get in touch, I’ve tried reaching you through your work email to no avail. LOVE your work and I don’t want to lose it).

I’m still setting up again here in my long abandoned blog. If not accessible yet, give it another 24 hours. Yes, it’s that fresh.


I’m sorry, folks, for my long absence. Life happens and occasionally gets in the way. This time it was for a long time and it’s likely to continue. This is just to list a few things that are happening and what my plans are (for any of my long suffering followers, if there are any still around).

1:         Like many of us, I’m waiting for the world to return to sanity. I’m actually optimistic on this front as people worldwide are fed up with all the nonsense and are pushing back. I’m talking EVERYTHING.

2:         My publishing company closed its doors, so I’ll need to find a new one. I lost my cover designer too as she moved on to do other things with her life – raising a family and writing (both huge tasks in their own right). I wish her all the best, but I do miss her artistic abilities. I’ll need to find a new designer.

3:         I have decided to finish the Khekarian series before republishing the first two books of the six, “The Khekarian Threat” and “The King’s Sacrifice”. This will allow for some changes and also – hopefully – be less frustrating for readers wanting to move on in the series straight away and not wait for them to be written first. Yes, I’m sorry to say it will take time.


Ditching Facebook and Twitter – Now on Gab.

I don’t like the manipulation employed by Facebook and Twitter. I don’t like their not-so-secret war on conservative views. I don’t like censorship and I don’t like being treated as a Russian Bot.

Facebook gives you so little control over your own page that you cannot even close it down. They have to do it for you. While I wait, I will unplug this blog from Facebook and will no longer go there. My place on Twitter will be shut in the next couple of days, I’m getting this notice out there first for the few who might want to follow me over to Gab, an uncensored site that does NOT use its customers as a product for sale.

You’ll find me on Gab here:

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2018! At last 2017 is over!

Happy New Year to All – A new beginning – Some very good things happened for me in 2017, but some very bad things did as well – For a time I withdrew from everything important to me to recuperate and to find my way, a process still in progress (hence so few posts last year) I am getting there and building again my energy for life and living and – yes – writing as well.

My beloved husband is well and we are enjoying his well-earned retirement after too many years apart due to his working interstate, all behind us now. It’s great to have him around the house.

So expect a bit more from me this year and, heck, there might even be that book (The Bastard Line) so long overdue, published before the end of it!!!

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Update – All but Done.


Yes, I am still here – I owe you guys an update on my progress with The Bastard Line, book three in the Khekarian series – My humble apologies for having been away so long, many things have happened in my life, but for now I will report solely on the manuscript you have been waiting for.

The slash-and-burn process is over and out of the way (thank goodness). No more chopping and changing, no more starting over or chopping things in half or reshaping the book. All the major pieces are in place and so is the flow, the character development is great, the story holds together very well and – best of all – I LIKE IT.

Finishing touches are going in place and needed polishing is being done (albeit heavily in some places). Yet to come is the stand-back-and-see-what-it-looks-like-to-a-reader, the read-through. My Beta-reader has been standing by for ages and is eager to get into it. He won’t have to wait long… and neither will you.

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Tippy-tap, tippy-tap.


Nose down, rear up, tippy-tap, tippy-tap – Yes I’m at the computer and typing like mad – Just letting you know I’m alive and well and still making progress although it must seem to some as though “nothing is happening”.

I’ve had to push through a few barriers and re-size The Bastard Line (Book Three of the Khekarian series) – twice! This is on top of the life-upheavals we’re still going through, although progress is happening there too (resettling into a new location interstate takes longer when doing it one partner at a time).

Once again my apologies to all for keeping you waiting, it was never my intention. While I would love to blog more regularly, my best bet at the moment is to remain locked into my work until the book is done. The best I can do is pop in occasionally to let everyone know I’m still here, still working and supply a publishing date when I know what it is!

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The Love of Naked Paper. I’ve got it Bad.

Nothing excites me more than naked paper – I love paper, I have reams of office paper, stacks of notebooks – small, large, lined and unlined – I have tiny ones that fit in a pocket, larger ones by my bedside, even some that stay in the car and I always – always – keep a fresh supply stashed somewhere in my desk. I have lever arch files of loose-leaf foolscap that I take with me on long journeys and a small regularly assaulted stack of used envelopes out in the open on my desk.

What was that? Used envelopes??? Yes, that’s what I said. Even a used envelope is a source of naked paper, in fact the first thing I reach for in this orgy of paper is often a discarded envelope I have “rescued” and stashed for later use.

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At least I remember to put them on!


In the past, I’ve gone out with my top on backwards and never noticed it until I got home, and I almost went out once wearing my slippers.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not addlepated – or maybe I am – I’m not sure. No, it’s just that I have my mind elsewhere, I live in other worlds, other dimensions. All illusionary, certainly, I admit it’s all made up. But that’s the lure.

I can pick and choose everything – any adventure, any background, any set of heroes and enjoy with them all their challenges and successes. I can ride the waves of excitement, travel the galaxy, explore the unknown, then come back and write about what I’ve discovered and the feelings I’ve experienced.

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