At last! An excellent and progressive day.

I’ll save the good news – the facts and figures, that is – until tomorrow when the long weekend is over and I can give you a decent tally.

I’ll just tell you that I’m feeling very pleased with myself and am racing ahead with the manuscript for book 3. A bit more of this and I’ll be back on schedule in no time.

Today I have a few things to research, which should keep me nicely busy and add a most important layer of Fact and Realism to the Impeding Conflicts.


Dang! I should have saved half that line (above) for a post title! Maybe I’ll use it later…

Have a great day, everyone.




8 thoughts on “At last! An excellent and progressive day.

        1. A.D. Everard Post author

          Semangat pagi, Yuna. Terima kasih for this list. Ah, of course – Saya selalu baik ini dan itu. Heeheehee! Or maybe bagus rather that baik. 😛

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