An Empty Galaxy – Oh Fook!

Gosh! I didn’t know it was so empty out here – In case you’re wondering, I’ve taken myself off to the other end of the book I need to finish by July (we’re talking 150,000 words, minimum, folks, of which I have maybe a third, some of them still very lively and scampering about).

I could say I’m spoilt for choice. There is so much to do.

Or I could say, “Blinkin’ heck! It sounds hollow in here!”

Option “A” has me looking at all I have to do, while option “B” just has me looking at all I haven’t done.

Both are kind of scary in their way.


*Interlaces fingers, twist hands down and outward. Cracks knuckles.*

Well, I’d better get on, then…

You Lot have a great day, too. Busy, busy, busy, etc.




2 thoughts on “An Empty Galaxy – Oh Fook!

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      Hi Tony – I think I live in Option C. 😀 I constantly read what I have, checking the flow of any changes or just picking up the reins. I’m sure you do the same.

      Thank you, yes, a lot of effort has gone into it, but then that’s what we do (WHY we do, I haven’t figures out yet, but I think it has something to do with fun).

      Cheers, mate. 😀


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