An Aberration of Thought (Ooops!)

Yesterday, I blogged a handful of questions in a should-I/shouldn’t-I search for direction as I contemplated popping up a bit of In-Yer-Face Fiction every now and then – Thank you, everyone – Every single response I got painted a bigger picture on the idea and showed to me wider concerns and issues that I had not foreseen – You wonderful people really did help me see and decide.

The biggest consideration was what I expect from this blog now and what other people expect, too. It’s been going awhile now, and I like to think that the people who come here are comfortable with how things are. Why mess with that? Quite simply, I love this blog the way it is, myself. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” as the saying goes.

I believe I have the right sort of balance, and my snippets and chapters from books one and two are free to read already, right here on this blog if people want to. There are links all over the place (from the dropdown menu and in the right hand margin).


I set up my blog this way precisely to give that choice, and momentarily forgetting that was an aberration of thought on my part. I focused briefly on what I wanted (people to Read My Stuff – yes, capitalized) and forgot what this blog was about (people to find my stuff on their own if they want to).

I very much respect those readers who do not want to see fiction shoved at them. In their shoes, I would be disappointed, too, if I came in expecting some topic or other and bumped into characters instead. If I wanted to read fiction, I’d go off and read fiction, I don’t want someone else deciding for me that I will read fiction.

That means no changes, folks. I may occasionally point out where those links are for those who have not found them (I’m thinking of newcomers now), but I will not surprise you with a piece of unexpected prose.

I am very happy with this decision, and I am especially glad that I put the questions out there. You certainly got my mind away from that little sharp focus where it was to the bigger picture overall, which was essential or I might have seriously shot myself in the foot, and I only have two.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Big Cheers to all,



2 thoughts on “An Aberration of Thought (Ooops!)

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      Hi Chris. 🙂 The beauty is I can afford to do it now. I don’t actually see the move one way or the other as a risk. I was focused on one small dot and it really helped to see the bigger picture, so it was a choice and not an avoidance of risk. I don’t feel disappointed. I might have chosen to go the other way, and I might have lost a few and found a few and overall ended up in the same place, though I would likely have popped up one or two pieces and reverted back to what works so well all round, thereby disrupting a few expectations for no good reason at all.

      My fiction is still here, available for people to read – over 60 pages from the start of book one and a couple of choice pieces from book one and book two. So I’m not shy to show it (both books are published and I’m working on book three).

      I agree I could have given it a go to see, but I got what I really needed, and that was an overview. It really helped to step back and look at what I have and what I’m doing, and realize that I actually don’t want to change my blog at all, I like the ease and the variety I have and, of course, so do those who come here.

      I gained quite some insight out of the feedback I received, which left me feeling very fortunate in the friends I have around me. I never knew I could get so much out of blogging.

      Cheers! 😀


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