Agreeing with the Universe – then off to create my own.

Here’s how it works, my day – sort of, sometimes – nothing special, just a typical let’s-get-on-with-it morning, excluding most of the boring bits, such as feeding the cats or doing the laundry.

“Wow, it’s going to be a fantastic day.” That’s a good start to any morning.


Stare at computer screen for a couple of minutes.

Check blog stats and respond to any overnight comments, respond to comments to my comments on other blogs. Get distracted with other blogs. Catch up with political points of interest on yet more blogs.


Contemplate the Universe. Agree with it (it’s always a good idea to agree with the Universe).



Feed the cats (Whoops! That slipped in there).

Wonder what I should blog about today? Poke around with some ideas. Conclude that there is nothing much readily available in the Thought and Ideas department. Make it a light one, then. Okay.

Eat something. Blog something. Catch up with other blogs. Check political news again. Chuckle quietly (the bun fight is beginning to get interesting and I’ve been following it for awhile now. It’s good to see the blinkers coming off in the general public).

Right. To work, then.

Focus on writing. Think about Va’el. How the heck am I going to get him to go to Zumaridi, especially when it’s very important for him to remain highly visible to his esteemed father. He wants recognition and promotion, no way he’s going to take a hike across the galaxy and visit the Terran Sector unless there’s a damn good reason…

Maybe he gets the recognition first. Perhaps Aleisha can help, too. I have to give her something to do. She’s not really going to be useful until book 4, but she may as well do something in book 3. This should be easy. She’s a psychic, so she can see something. Either something Va’el wants, or something Sevi sees as useful. Hmmm…


Va’el… At this point I can pretty well do anything I want with him. He’s basically filling in time until he grows up, but he does have to feature. I’ve actually got his thread worked out, where it goes, what happens to him and how I manage to get a change happening in his attitude, but there are still some things to work out. For instance, I do know what Aleisha will see that will trigger the trip to Zumaridi, but not yet Sevi’s or Va’el’s interpretation of it. The Why is still missing.


What about Sedarra? I know how Sedarra’s thread goes, too, this one is part of the main plot, but deciding on exactly how it starts is proving elusive. It shouldn’t be that hard. I’ve written four different introductions, but haven’t pegged it yet. Best solution there is just to keep going, then see which one works best along everything that comes afterwards. Sounds fair.


Check blog and blogs.

Notice that time is flying by and, apart from a blog post, I haven’t actually written anything yet.

“Sevi, talk to me already. What do you really feel about Va’el?”

Toy with the fun idea of Va’el, grabbed by the ankles, getting bounced on his head a couple of times. Hmmm… given who that sod is, Sevi probably won’t get away with that. Even if she did, the lad is going to grow up and he will remember past slights.


…How necessary is he anyway? Maybe she could shoot him.

😀  😀  😀

Oh well, I’d best get on. It’s no good just daydreaming, I have a Universe to create and a galaxy to do mysterious things in. Could be fun.

Have a great day/evening everyone.

Cheers, all.


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9 thoughts on “Agreeing with the Universe – then off to create my own.

  1. writingsprint

    It sounds like you had fun, anyway. Lately I’ve had fun playing with the different choices. If I don’t know where a character will go, or how to get them started I write a different mini-scene for every direction I can think of. Sometimes one speaks to me or another good choice pops into my head. I got the idea from watching people make up dance choreography. “Let’s try the leap here…” “Then what if we spin…” “Yeah, that’s good….”

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      Hi Writingsprint,

      What a wonderful way to find new direction and new ideas. That sounds like an excellent method to get over writer’s block, too. You’re right, when something or someone “speaks” you know you’ve got it.

      I will often throw two characters together just to see if any sparks will fly. That’s how Sevi and Va’el came to be together. She’s in control of herself, and he is not (as outlined in Is this a chance for Writer’s Revenge?, followed up by An Amicable Agreement… Argh, Noooooo). The initial promise was so good, I decided to run with it, although – typically – they are not cooperating with me. But then, that’s why I like them, so…

      Cheers! 🙂

      1. writingsprint

        > I will often throw two characters together just to see if any sparks will fly.

        Interesting! I’ll have to try that sometime!

        > …although – typically – they are not cooperating with me.

        Oh, sounds like an opportunity to me!

        1. A.D. Everard Post author

          LOL. Yes, each character alone is keeping me on my toes, together they should be dynamite – although I expect they’ll blow up when I least expect it. Fun times ahead. 🙂

  2. Yuna

    it’s so nice to enjoy our own world 😀
    those sips of coffee, wow, same here, i sip the coffee to force myself on focusing the “world” i live within. kekekekeke

    Have a wonderful universe, Allyson 😀


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