A Trick to Bypass Writer’s Block.

Sometimes it’s hard to do, sometimes it’s easy, but one thing I’ve noticed about writing is that the moment something gets between myself and writing tools of any description, my urge to write increases – blocks vanish, creativity flows, plots develop and hundreds of words form in glorious perfection.

Take me away from my desk and I need to write.

Aside from the fact that it seems clear the Universe has a sense of humor, if you’re anything like me, you can utilize that annoying burst of spontaneity to cure writer’s block.


Leave everything at home. This is a must. No cheating, or you’ll know subconsciously that you have the tools and this won’t work. So leave it all behind – iPad, paper, pens, everything. Make sure you don’t have a single thing you can use and not even a scrap of an old envelope. Then go for a long drive. If you live in a town or city, go to another town or city. Make it a whole day out. This is so there’s not an easy return home.

If you’re like me, you’ll be desperate for a pen and a piece of paper before the shops have even opened because the very thought of spending the whole day unable to write anything will have triggered an early reaction.

Once you are desperate, of course – go buy some paper and a pen and grab everything that’s flowing. This isn’t about having a frustrating day, this is about utilizing the possibility of frustration, then turning it around.

Well, it works for me.

Happy writing, everyone!



2 thoughts on “A Trick to Bypass Writer’s Block.

  1. writingsprint

    Exercise does it for me, especially playing volleyball. Something about that flying through the air.


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