A Title and Cover for Book 3 of The Khekarian Series.

Small (book 3)

I’ve been waiting to show you this, another glorious cover thanks to Laura of The Book Cover Machine, who again so wonderfully captures the flavor and emotion of my next book, and makes it pretty clear that my brand of science fiction is far from old and dry – I might even say my brand of science fiction is unique because I don’t limit the richness of human character, I keep my stories full, fast and true, and – perhaps most importantly – I don’t follow the style of anyone else, I never have.

You’ll either love my style or hate it – I vote for love (what’s not to love? I have attitude and everything). 😛


For info, free chapters, links to Amazon, free Kindle app readers, reviews, etc. (or just see bigger pictures), see below.

Book 1 – The Khekarian Threat, click HERE.
Book 2 – The King’s Sacrifice, click HERE.
Book 3 – The Bastard Line, click HERE.

Or just poke around my blog, you’re most welcome. I go on about heaps of stuff.

Cheers, all. 😀


22 thoughts on “A Title and Cover for Book 3 of The Khekarian Series.

      1. A.D. Everard Post author

        I’m glad – I’m thrilled with the covers Laura produces. Seeing the cover ahead of time gets me excited to finish the book (so it helps the process). I’m so pleased you love the title, too. It’s gripping (and sure stands out).

        Have a great day, Marie. 😀

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      Selamat Pagi, Yuna,

      Yes, I am giving it my all to get as much done as I can, as well as I can, yet as quickly as I can. Book 4 follows.

      Cheers to you. 😀

  1. Uzoma

    Wow! Wow! Very attractive, Allyson. Love the lady’s pose, the effect, the title … everything. Tell me, have you completed book three and now want to polish it?

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      Hi Uzoma – Thank you so much! I’m very excited about this one, there will be much fun and mayhem.

      Have I completed book three? Nope. I’m not even close. I’m part way through chapter one (of perhaps thirty). I have a pile of notes, fresh and old, numbering maybe 60 pages, and nowhere to put any of it as yet. The main plot is sorted out in my mind, though, so I know where that should head, however I have only just decided which side-plots should go in and have yet to work out their destinies.

      And, yes, if you’re wondering, that does make it scary. 😀

      The whole of book 2 (The King’s Sacrifice) came out of nowhere. Having delivered the nasty dilemma to Ialle at the end of book 1 (on the spur of the moment, I might add), I knew I had to do something with it – and, boy, what a fun challenge that turned out to be. For some strange reason I gave myself 9 months to complete it, and made it. With this one, I’m back on track with the original idea, except for all the new flavors brought in by disruptive new characters that developed in book 1 and 2 (Sevi, Va’el, Chenti and Nym, and undoubtedly Katteress – all presumably wanting to go their own way).

      I’ve given myself roughly a year this time to sort it all out, write it AND polish it, but would like it done in 9 months, so I’m aiming for that.

      Meanwhile, the book cover inspires me. Actually, I am cheating and I’ll tell you how. The fact that I have put it up for people to see means that people see book 3. It looks like book 3, therefore it must be book 3. I see it as book 3, too. In our minds, it exists. Thoughts are creations and by showing the cover, more of us are seeing book 3 as a factual object. That’s helping me create it. Expectation (and those tapping toes impatiently) keep me fired up and working at it, and it will get there because we all already see it there.

      Does that make sense?

      Okay – so, forgive me for asking, but I have to now… 🙂 Do you have a title for your book yet? Is it “We Are Not Cursed” or a different book again? Do you know what sort of cover you want? If you have some ideas, even if you alone can see it in your mind, it is a strength.

      I will also tell you that Laura of The Book Cover Machine does a designed front cover for $50 USD at this time plus the cost of the images (usually $10 per image and upward, but that’s all up to you), so jumping in and doing it is an option, too.

      I’m not trying to tell you what to do, you have to feel comfortable with where you are at, and if you are trying to go through a regular publisher, and they accept you, they will choose their own cover design.

      What I am suggesting is that you play with this idea in your mind as though you’ve got your title and your cover and you’re putting it up on your blog for the world to see. It’s really REALLY exciting, and I just love really exciting thoughts. 😀 😀 😀 Even if you just do it in your mind and nowhere else, it will inspire you.

      Oh heck, Uzoma – just about every time I talk to you, I get an idea for a new post. See how you inspire me? 😀

      A big cheers to you, mate!

  2. Uzoma

    Oh boy! What a handsome response from you. It’s almost an hour to midnight around here, but I would like to put my comment across before tucking myself into bed.

    Yes, I so much love the cover of your book. Like I said, it’s eye-catching! Getting a cover out is one big source of inspiration — I’m with you on that a hundred percent! Before I began writing “We Are Not Cursed,” I had this picture of a beautiful woman in the center of the cover, then a few smaller images of what should be the supporting casts peeking out from her sides. And then the story title somewhere above or below. I love the title “We Are Not Cursed” so it is going to stay. It has been a motivating factor too.

    I’d very much like Laura to do my cover for me. But the process may take a while because I will be archiving this story once I’m done. I’ve another story (my main WIP) in the works and I want it to be my debut novel. Then “We Are Not Cursed” coming after it.

    One big problem I have is the order of payment. Like in Amazon, I suspect my country has been blacklisted and that is why I can’t conduct any transaction there. Not even getting a free book. I hate to break this to you, but that is what I have been experiencing so far.

    Thanks for your interest in my story. I’m always inspired by your presence.

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      Oh no, not Africa, too. I found out that Indonesia doesn’t recognize Kindle and will not allow Kindle – but I thought you managed to get a copy of The Khekarian Threat when it was going out for free.

      I honestly thought if anyone had Internet connection, they could download, and that shows you how little I know.

      On your book, “We Are Not Cursed” is a great title, it makes you wonder immediately what it is about, and it’s great that you have an image in mind. Laura is in America and usually takes PayPal, but I understand there are other methods, too. That said, if a country has decided to make it impossible, it will be impossible – that must be so frustrating for you. If you are going through a publishing house, however, they will do the cover for you. The downside is, you will likely not have a choice as to what that cover will be.

      So… if I’m reading you correctly, you could not download the free Kindle version of The Khekarian Threat? How about if I email you a PDF copy? That’s what I did for Yuna in Indonesia, and she got it okay. I know you wanted to read it – and I’d love you to read it. Let me know.

      Cheers to you – and thank you for your kind words. 🙂

      1. Uzoma

        Aw, I’d LOVE to read your book! Yes, please email me a PDF copy. I would’ve asked earlier, but I just couldn’t muster the courage. Poor me, I feared you’d see me as a stingy person. If it is okay with you, I will do a review of your book after reading it and then send it to you. And if it still pleases you, I will post the review on my blog as another way of promoting the book (which I already trust is worth the while). Thanks in advance for your immense generosity.

        About Africa and her dealings on Amazon … I’m not too sure that the entire continent is restricted. It’s just my country that I am aware of.

        I didn’t even know that Indonesia has been marked too. That’s terrible. People like me and Yuna suffer as a result.

        1. A.D. Everard Post author

          Yes, I don’t understand why Amazon and Kindle should be restricted in any country, it doesn’t make sense to me. It must be a political thing, but then you’d think they could just restrict political books and not general fiction. Hopefully, it will change one day soon.

          I’d love you to do a review of my book after reading it. I sure hope you enjoy it. Okay, it’s been sent, it’s on it’s way now.

          Cheers, mate. 😀

        2. A.D. Everard Post author

          Ah – no – hang on a minute. My server is slow at the moment and it’s not sending. I will try again and if I can’t get it to go tonight, I’ll try first thing in the morning. Failing that, we’ll need to wait until the new month when things speed up again.

          Sorry. It will be with you shortly.

        3. A.D. Everard Post author

          Okay – I was so busy trying to send the PDF last night, I didn’t answer your comment properly, so allow me to do so now.

          You have always been generous with your time and have always had something positive to say to all who speak to you, which is one of the reasons I follow your blog and enjoy chatting with you so, no, the term “stingy” and you just don’t belong together, I could never see you in that light.

          The other thing that’s important to know is that you are no way tied in to giving a book review – my first reaction was “Ooh, wow!” but the point is that I offered you the PDF because when we first met, you really wanted to read it, and I felt thrilled with your timing because a free giveaway of that book was happening right then and there. I just feel you shouldn’t miss out because of a senseless rule of your country against Amazon.

          By the way, for future reference, if you should ever want to self-publish, you will undoubtedly be able to do so through Amazon (CreateSpace), I think you will find it’s only the downloading of books, not the uploading, that’s at issue. That said, there are plenty of other publishing places – I chose Amazon because I thought it was global. I don’t know if your country has issues with all Internet books, or just Amazon and Kindle – it might even just be Kindle. Not sure (when I searched for info on the Net, Indonesia was listed as a “Kindle free zone” with no reference to paperbacks that could be shipped).

          Anyhow, the PDF should be with you, Greg got it sent from his machine as he had time and speed on his Internet access and I’m on slow-mode until the new month starts. As I said in the email, it’s a lengthy read (near 600 pages), and I would far rather you sit back and enjoy it at a pace that suits than to try and speed through it. When you have finished, decide then if it warrants a review, and go with that. A review was not part of the “deal” and there is no “have to” is what I am trying to say.

          Have a great day, or evening, whatever time it is in Africa. 😀

        4. Uzoma

          Sorry I’m replying your comment this late. My ISP has been acting funny lately, so I couldn’t respond to you or any of the other bloggers that I actively follow. I see you’ve new posts and once the connection is stable, I will read them.

          Again, I want to thank you for gifting me a PDF copy of the book. So far, it’s like I am watching a movie! Recently, I had the privilege of reviewing the books of two of my fellow bloggers who happen to be writers as well. They both told me that I was free to decide whether or not to review their books. To be frank, I was touched by such openness and respect. You’ve shown me the same and I am glad that am not under pressure. All the same, I’d like to tell you about the book once I’m doing reading it.

          About publishing … I dearly appreciate the valuable info about CreateSpace. I’ll keep that mind and of course will you how it goes. For now, I am still swimming in the waters of words and story-telling, LOL.

          I’m afraid any commercial site that makes use of Paypal has already blacklisted my country. That’s the sad truth.

          Cheers to you, Allyson. You’re simply amazing!

        5. A.D. Everard Post author

          Hi Uzo (is it okay to call you Uzo?),

          So you can’t use PayPal either? I’m so sorry to hear of all these limitation you suffer! It must be so frustrating for you. I’m glad you have Internet access, at least, and I hope positive changes come about soon.

          I’m thrilled at your description of The Khekarian Threat so far – that you feel like you’re watching a movie. That is the highest praise! 😀 I hope you continue to enjoy it.

          Have a great week, my friend (I’ve been out of things a bit, too, and look forward to catching up with your site, as well).

          Cheers! 🙂

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