A thread that doesn’t fit – Uh-oh.

This is where putting your work aside for a time really helps – Reading through my manuscript to date (book three in The Khekarian Series – The Bastard Line), somewhere after page 40, I came across one thread that just seemed out of place – nothing seemed really “wrong” with it, it carried information necessary to the plot and future events, the writing itself was fine and it was not one of the earlier problem areas – I read on, having marked the place for further consideration.

Then the next segment in that thread didn’t sit right, either, and nor did the one after that, so clearly something was out of whack with that particular thread.

It took me a little while to work out what the problem was and why it didn’t sit right. I realized that the book up to that point had been concerned with the present, which is necessary of course, as a whole lot of stuff is happening there, but I also realized that the problem was that references to the past had been more focused on the distant past and not the recent past. I had referred to Sturn’s time away in exile, which leads in importance when it comes to his homecoming, but I had skipped over most of his recent traumatic events.

As the recent events (book two – The King’s Sacrifice) will have repercussions, these cannot be ignored, so the “fault” turned out to be not in those non-fitting segments of thread, but in my lack of setting up the background earlier, against which these thread segments would make sense.


My solution, which will go into place today, is to go back to those earlier references and include something about Sturn’s recent adventures so that when you get to those segment of thread, they will make sense and you won’t be left wondering what the heck they are talking about or what that has to do with now.

How well this works I will only know for sure on my next read through. Never take anything for granted.

Meanwhile, various earlier “problems” are no longer issues as my various earlier fixes have done a very good job. Being ill has proven to have its benefits as it has given me an absolute clear run when it comes to seeing what I have amalgamated in the written word.

Overall, so far on this read through, I’m back to being surprised and even captivated (I’d forgotten half of what I had written), which likely means I will have something worthy at the end of it. 🙂

For today, I will continue reading after this latest fix, I’ve a way to go yet to see exactly what I have so that I may build on it.

So that’s me a lot happier for being back in the thick of it. I’m feeling a lot healthier, too. Of course, I’m going to have to ramp up my efforts and get on with it as I have a schedule to keep – July 2014. I do not intend to let anyone down.

By the way, Va’el is shaping up wonderfully.

Cheers all!  😀


2 thoughts on “A thread that doesn’t fit – Uh-oh.

  1. writingsprint

    Well done! Continuity is a bear. I’ve read a lot of science fiction that had half a chapter of exposition about the distant past to explain where “the world today” came from. I know people who love that stuff, but I never enjoyed the side trip from the present day action. Weaving it like you’ve done sounds much better :).

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      Hi Matt – thank you. Yes, I want each book to be readable on its own, but at the same time have links to what has gone before without that lengthy exposition. I also have to give enough info (because there is a future coming out of it) without spoiling the earlier stories. It’s one of those interesting balancing acts I never thought about until I got to book 2, and now 3. My method seems to be working, though. 🙂


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