A Splash of Color.

Banner5 600 x 120I do like adding a picture to a post, but the problem is, with two science fiction books written, and only three covers to show, it rather limits the range – and the last thing I want to do is put people off with images they’ve seen a dozen times already.

So I thought I’d try and spruce up my posts with some small versions of the banner pictures I use on my blog (because they are gorgeous).


This is a post to kind of test it out, but your opinion is most warmly welcomed.

Cheers, all,


8 thoughts on “A Splash of Color.

  1. Uzoma

    I love adding pictures to my posts too. But they have to be related and attention-getting. The pictures here are befitting and most importantly have a very high resolution. If I may ask, are they from Laura too?

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      Hi Uzo,! 🙂 Some of the header pictures I have showing on my blog have indeed come from Laura, they are the ones showing characters from my books and are segments of the covers. The space images I bought the licence to from istockphotos when I was attempting to do my own covers, but as the licence allows me to use them on a website, I have put them to good use to decorate my blog. Some of the same background pictures used by Laura I had to pay for again as the licence agreement allows for only one user, and Laura needed to buy the licence, too.

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      Hi Robin! 😀

      Oh, I sooo wish! No, the space scenes I use as headers in my blog (and now as occasional “splashes of color”) are all from iStockphotos, which I licenced when attempting to do my own covers. The agreement allows me to use them on a website, so I use them to decorate my blog now (seeing as how my covers weren’t so good and – thank God – I’ve got Laura to do them now). Looking at some wonderful uses of pictures in blog-land generally, I decided to start using bands or ribbons of the pictures I have to spruce up individual posts.

      And you’re so right, they are gorgeous. 😀


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