A Snap Decision And A Leap! Our House in the Mountains!

It has all come together beautifully – and we’ve landed something special, a house at the Southern tip of the mountain range that runs down through New South Wales and into Victoria, incorporating the Snowy Mountains, Kosciuszko National Park (Mount Kosciuszko is Australia’s tallest mountain) and Alpine National Park and others, with many mountains along the way.

On the NSW side, Mount Perisher’s Ski Resort reports that the 2014 snow season has seen some of the biggest snowfalls in decades with over two metres of snow falling in a two week period and has extended it’s skiing season all the way to Oct 10 (Australia is officially in Spring now). We’re moving beyond Perisher, further south (away from the sun) and into the next state, Victoria, so let’s hope it’s not snowing during any part of our move!

The house itself is three bedrooms in glorious isolation, with a romantic open fireplace and a combustion stove in another room which will probably be my choice of office. I’m not sure, as yet. Why am I not sure? Because, although we intended to, we haven’t actually seen the house. It was a snap decision and a leap, and that makes it even more exciting. 😀


From where we are now, the trip one way will take about ten hours, depending which road we take – the shortest route uses a dirt road requiring a 4 wheel drive, so not likely the one we’ll take any delicate goods and chattels over. Our first drive down with non-important stuff will sort out the way. Yes, we’re doing the move ourselves, probably in eight or so runs.

I don’t particularly enjoy packing because decisions have to be made about what to keep and what to let go. I do love unpacking in a new environment, though, and planning what goes where. 😀

So, the adventure is on. Things will be up in the air, blogging-wise, and there will be a gap when I land there. Currently the house has no phone at all, so that needs to be sorted to give a modem link to the Internet until we can sort out a satellite dish.

Meanwhile, I WILL be getting a LOT of writing done and finish Book Three. There have been many delays with this one and I am eager to see it done.

Cheers everyone! 😀


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