A run of old posts giving me writing time.

I’ve been going through my older posts and finding some good stuff back there – Fishing them out and sharing with those who have not seen then before helps me at the moment because it gives me more writing time.

To most of you this will be new stuff, but for those who were with me way back then, I hope you don’t mind the repetition. With luck you will have forgotten these, so they will seem new to you, too.

You’ll also notice I am posting much more frequently. I’m in a talkative mood. 😀


I promise I will get back to creating new stuff, thoughts and ideas, and more on the way I do things. Right now, however, I’ve got my head in the manuscript of book 3 and making great gains there. I do expect the publication to be late, but it won’t be as late as I feared.

Thank you all for hanging in there with me and for enjoying both my nonsense and my notions.

Happy Writing, everyone. If you’re not writing, then Happy Reading.




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