A Reminder of What’s Where

Hi Guys, today I just want to recap on what’s what and where everything is – If you’re new to this blog and don’t know your way around yet, and if you’re not sure if my sci-fi is works for you or not, it’s worth knowing that the first four and a half chapters of my first book (The Khekarian Threat) are free to read here on this blog.

The links are:

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Sevi (the first half of chapter 5)

This covers about 65 pages and will certainly tell you if it grabs you or leaves you cold. I would far prefer someone go after a book of mine because they know it’s what they want to read, rather than pick one up blindly and regret their choice.

For book two (The King’s Sacrifice) I have a part chapter from deep in the book, but will consider putting more up for perusal. The scene I link to below is suitable dark and menacing with Mij, trying to be tough and only 13, in military custody. It certainly captures the emotions.

The link is:


Book three (The Bastard Line) has nothing up as yet, but that may come. 😀

I will also remind everyone that my work is meant for mature readers. That means there is swearing, violence, nudity and sex scenes in my books. Use your own discretion because, to be honest, I don’t listen to complaints. I love what I’ve written and I have a growing band of readers who also love what I’ve written, so the style stays.


Finally – I am notorious for NOT checking my spam filter. I rather trust it, but I understand that mistakes can happen. So if you’ve made a comment and it hasn’t gotten through, try again, leaving out any links. It should appear straight away, but be aware that anything with a link in it gets held in moderation, which means it won’t appear until I have approved it.

Other things that might be useful… well, I have a drop-down menu at the top of this blog. You will see book covers and blurbs and links there. You will also see “Wilderness photos” which is basically a list of posts that contained photos from the time I lived out wild (no house) for near on five years in the Northern Territory of Australia. The pictures date from that time and were scanned in, so the quality is poor, but there is nevertheless some fun stuff in there (great snake photos!).

So have a browse around and enjoy.

That’s it from me for today. Cheers everyone!

😀  😀  😀


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