A Late Post Today.

A late post today, and as it’s Sunday (here in Australia), I’ll point you at another couple of Wilderness Posts, if that’s okay with you.


We really loved living out there in the Northern Territory wilderness and we miss it to this day – we were forced to give it up to pay taxes, and we still yearn to get back out into the wilderness somewhere, admittedly with a house of some sort (not having a sewage system is not good).

Pop a road in, why not – Yes, dear. (Learning how to drive a backhoe, my first exercise was to go down a steep embankment.)

Water was the first concern. (We only had running creeks on the block six months of the year and had to collect it).

Plunged into Human Silence and writing better sci-fi. (Utilizing the silence. To this day, I work in human silence.)

Anyhow, a short one today, but hopefully plenty to look at.

Have a great day everyone.

Cheers! 😀


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