A Great Break – Yes, I’m back.

Hi All. Yes, I’m back, having enjoyed a wonderful time out from my usual routine – I hope those of you able to take a break also enjoyed a safe and happy holiday, and that you’re all fit and well and happy – See how cheery I sound? This must be good for me. I will endeavor to spread it around. 😀


I got some writing done – things are shaping up there nicely – I’m almost at the halfway mark. I also managed to catch up on sleep, go out a few times, clean up the house and helped fix the car. We seem to have crammed an awful lot into the week and a bit Greg had off, and at the same time got in lots of relaxation and fun, too.

I plan a change or two to my routine because it’s important to me that I get things done, so there may be days ahead where I slip away, possibly for chunks of time at any one go. I get more done that way than if I just take a day here or there. Currently, I’m thinking of taking a week out for every month in, but nothing is set yet and I’ll see how it works out.

That seems it for today. Nothing exciting, I’m afraid.

Cheers all!



6 thoughts on “A Great Break – Yes, I’m back.

      1. disappearingwoman

        Happily, I’m going to the beach for two weeks at the end of May. The first week, we’ll be visiting my father-in-law, but the second week, it will just be my husband and I. I’m really looking forward to it! 🙂


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